5 Female Celebrities Pulling Off Native African Wear Dashiki

When it comes to fashion, ladies have a lot many options. From those cute as button ‘lil dresses to those chic evening gowns, we indeed got a lot of varieties. Women usually dress depending on the occasion and the season.

However, having too many options might also feel like a curse sometimes as it leaves us ladies in confusion regarding what to wear. Hence, to eliminate your confusion, we are presenting you with the fresh option of a Dashiki!

Celebrities and Dashiki

Dashiki is native African clothing that is worn widely in East and West Africa. However, gone are the days when only the native people embraced this unique piece of clothing. Dashiki has been famous all over the world, (especially in the west) since the last decade.

Celebrities greatly influence our fashion choices and wardrobe decisions and if you need inspiration from those celebs, check out the below-mentioned stars who wore Dashiki at public events and totally rocked the look.


Queen RiRi can wear the dullest piece of clothing and make it look like royalty. Yes! She got that power, she got that confidence. As you can spot that in this picture as well, she is totally owning the terrific blue dress. Once the ‘work’ singer wears something this fun, it instantly hits the headline, and rightfully so! Look at her for yourself! She is making her dressing game so much fun!

image courtesy: vibe.com


Zendaya is riding high on winning the Emmy for her HBO drama series ‘Euphoria.’ The stunning actor uploaded a chic photo of herself wearing the native African clothing on Instagram. She paired the blue dashiki top with ripped denim hot pants, and needless to say, she was looking all shades of adorable and classy. The funky look was complemented by Zendayas’s perfect short messy hair!

image courtesy: Pinterest.com

Kim Kardashian

The keeping up with Kardashian fame instantly grabs headlines as soon as she steps outside of her house! She enjoys a massive fan following across the globe, she has whopping 208 million followers on her Instagram, and hence, needless to say, how much impact she has over millions of people! Kim was seen wearing a dashiki Ankara at a public event. So what else inspiration do you need, really?! Step out of your house wearing a dashiki and instantly grab everyone’s attention!

image courtesy: l’aviye.com

Beyonce (l’aviye.com)

Queen Bey is one of those women, who can literally pull off anything and everything. Just like Kim, she also enjoys a massive fan following on her Instagram handle, with over 168 million followers! She has been spotted wearing Dashiki multiple times. However, she looked like million bucks when she wore this red and golden playsuit. She pulled it off effortlessly, and it was accessorized perfectly with the bold attitude! If Beyonce does it, so do the millions of people! The inspiration doesn’t get better than this, you’ve got the queen’s approval!

image courtesy: l’aviye.com

Jhene Aiko (twitter.com)

This talented American singer is known for being bold and confident through her fashion sense and her song writing style. Aiko was also seen wearing an elegant multi-colored Dashiki T-shirt dress. She paired it with her perfect round glasses and looked all shades of classy, cool, and cute! Dashiki for Women today, and make your dressing up fun!

image courtesy: twitter.com

Ladies, take some serious fashion inspiration from these bold and beautiful celebrities and step out of your house in a bright and bold colored Dashiki dress. We ascertain that, you will grab everyone’s attention instantly and make many heads turn at every street you walk by! You’re just one step away from totally upgrading your wardrobe!

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