What Is Organic Clothing?

Thankfully, in this day and age, there is a growing awareness of sustainable, organic clothing. Churning out fast fashion for speedy profits severely harms the environment. Not only does it destroy the planet, but it also encourages horrendous animal-cruelty.

For this reason, more and more people are choosing socially conscious, eco-friendly vegan apparel. Free of any animal-cruelty and harsh synthetics, organic clothing is a fashion-forward option for people with a conscience. Here’s everything you should know about it! 

What Is Organic Clothing? 

Organic clothing is free of harsh additives, dyes, chemicals, GMOs, and animal cruelty. The whole process is natural and organic – from seed to fabric. Organic cotton, for example, is grown without modified seeds, pesticides, and chemicals, making it completely natural and pure. 

It is cultivated and certified by organic agricultural standards. Its production sustains the well-being of soils, people, and ecosystems. Free of any artificial inputs, organic cotton is the safest, purest, and the best fabric for vegan apparel. 

Organic vegan clothing doesn’t contain wool, leather, or fur. All of these commercial materials are derived from animal cruelty. Leather usually comes from cows that are slaughtered for beef or retired from the dairy industry. It is extremely detrimental to the environment as it releases many toxins during the tanning process.

The production of wool results in gross animal cruelty (tail docking without anaesthetic and eventual slaughter) and contributes to environmental damage, thus climate change. 

We all know what goes into the making of a fancy fur jacket. Even a small bit of a trim to get that soft fur border has resulted from tremendous suffering!

Why Do Vegans Love Organic Clothing? 

Vegan apparel is mostly made of organic cotton, hemp, and linen amongst many others. Sustainable, vegan fashion focuses on using eco-friendly processes from start to finish. It encourages the notion of being kind to the planet we live on.

Most brands use 100% organic cotton that is free of harsh dyes, chemicals, and pesticides. There are many socially conscious brands that craft super-trendy, vegan clothing that is affordable. 

Some even donate their profits to animal sanctuaries in order to give back to the environment. Organic clothing is a radical move against giant textile industries that indulge in harmful pollutants and animal-cruelty day in and day out.

Your Guide to Shopping for Organic Clothing 

Most people assume they have restricted options when it comes to vegan fashion. However, it is quite possible to look stylish without compromising your ethics. With that, let’s get down to organic fashion ideas. 

Organic cotton is one of the most popular choices for tops and bottoms. It is extremely soft, flowy, hypo-allergenic, and safe for the environment. Look for t-shirts, pants, and skirts that are made from 100% pure organic cotton. 

Whether you feel like wearing a casual tee, a tank top, or a dress shirt, there’s a wide array of colours and designs to choose from. For example, wearing an organic cotton t-shirt that shouts the word “Vegan!” is one of the best ways to flaunt your personal style.

Hemp t-shirts are just as comfy and thoughtfully made. Many have trendy prints and vibrant colours that are perfect for summer. 

On colder days, when people would usually throw on a fur jacket, instead look for brands that use luxurious and ethically-made organic cotton faux fur. You can also try wool-free coats or V-neck cardigans that are made from organic cotton. They dry faster, last longer, and are so much better for the environment.

And, when you feel like donning the ‘leather look’, keep a close eye on “vegan leather” clothing. From moto jackets to a fancy little black dress, vegan leather is impressively versatile. 

Why Organic Clothing Will Explode in the Coming Years 

Millions of men and women are opting for organic clothing, redefining fashion as a symbol of their ethical values. That’s nothing short of revolutionary. Here’s why the future belongs to organic apparel. 

A Way of Giving Back to Nature 

Fast fashion industries contribute to 5% of total greenhouse gases. Organic clothing is a turning point for the environment. It empowers us to give back to a planet we’ve recklessly damaged for so long. 

Organic Clothing Fashion Is Dictated by Responsible Choices 

Vegan apparel helps realign our moral compass and opens our eyes to the extent of the brutality that goes into something as small as a wool jacket. If anything, it is creating ripples of positive change amongst fashion-lovers. You automatically become an advocate against climate change and animal cruelty. 

High-Quality, Timeless Fashion 

Since most vegan fashion brands are 100% organic, they produce naturally high quality and timeless pieces. Lasting you for years, they won’t tarnish even after multiple washes, also retaining their softness. 

A vegan organic cotton t-shirt is crafted under strict quality control to meet both the fashion and eco-friendly standards of today. It can be reused and recycled, thereby reducing its carbon footprint. If anything, organic clothing actually reduces waste and makes for a versatile wardrobe. 

Fashion That Sustains Your Health  

Many synthetic fabrics can cause skin rashes and irritation. Organic clothing, however, is manufactured by strict safety standards. It is far gentler, washes easily, and feels much better on the skin. So, the next time you put on a vegan organic cotton t-shirt, rest assured that your fashion will symbolize the well-being of the planet, the animals and yourself. 

Organic clothing is a bold statement against unethical fashion. When people choose organic vegan clothing over fur, wool or leather, they are automatically moving towards responsible choices. Who wouldn’t want that?

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