Alternative Wedding Bands to Go for in 2020

Weddings are usually fun and interesting to watch the newlyweds exchange their vows while looking forward to forever memories. Amongst all the fun activities that take place during weddings, one scene most guests always look forward to is the couple’s first dance and exchanging of the ring.

Most couples usually admit that choosing their wedding ring is one of the most difficult phases when it comes to planning their wedding. There are several different types of rings or bands like a diamond, and silver but silicone wedding rings are becoming a popular choice, and here are reasons to go for them.

Silicone wedding rings benefits:

Safe From Degloving

When one wears a ring for long, there is this tendency of the ring obstructing the proper flow of blood that can result in some underlying skin issues. This is where silicone rings advantages the other ring types. 

Silicone wedding rings are quite flexible and made to break when there is excessive pressure and protect the fingers to reduce the chances of it degloving. 

Safe From Injury

Getting injured is inevitable, and rings (silver, gold, and diamond) can put one in danger, especially when they come in contact with heat. Silicone rings are non-conductive that makes them heat resistant and less endangering. This makes them ideal for people who always work with heat-related equipment.

Serves as the Perfect Alternative

Silicone rings can serve as the perfect alternative ring when going for fun outdoor activities like; swimming, ski-diving, and mountain climbing, to name a few. When going to an area where it will be hard to find the ring, if it gets missing, it is preferable to use the silicone ring.

Many couples have lost their expensive gold or diamond rings in water and other places but, a silicone wedding band is safe to use in water and other activities because they will not easily fall off.

They Are Portable

Another advantage of silicone bands is that they are light-weight in nature that makes it easy to carry around. If a wedding or engagement wedding ring feels heavy at some point, then opt for a silicone band to enjoy comfort and light-weight.

Do not be surprised looking at the finger to check if it is still there because they are extremely light-weight in nature and will feel like it is not there.

Rock Several Colors and Designs Daily

Silicone bands like E3 come in several colors and designs so, everyone has the luxury of going for a new one daily to match it with the mood or outfit for the day.

Can Be Worn Anywhere and at Anytime

There are several areas where one cannot wear s tungsten, silver, platinum, or gold ring with the fear that it can get destroyed. Silicone bands look classy and still affordable; even when they get destroyed, there is no major loss.

They can be worn even at the gym and ideal for construction workers, electricians, mechanics, policemen, and any other person who does major work with their hands.

Makes Your Partner Happy

Couples always get super excited when they see their partners wearing their wedding rings. It shows that they still love, honor, and are committed to their partner that makes them proud of wearing their rings everywhere and daily as well. 

The E3 silicone wedding rings are all about commitment, loyalty, and dedication; make your partner happy always.

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