Jewellery Trends for This Year

As a gift for your special someone or just to spoil yourself, jewellers are great accessories that complement your personality. Let's see this year trends!

Hint from the beginning: we spotted in this viking style a strong trend that will always be a part of the fashion and accessories collections because of its versatility – they can be matched with day and night outfits, casual or elegant. Check out a great viking spot: for your viking statement accessories!

At it core, the viking style remembers the ancient viking women, well-known for their raw beauty, their inner strength and the way they matched their male peers in everyday life challenges.

About their look, wiking women kept their hair tied with a bang or braided, wore long and large dresses and oversized jewels.

Trends and fashion always change as we all know and in its cyclicity, that the old trends are coming new again. This year comes with surprising trends in jewellery and accessories, and even if many of them are inspired by Viking fashion and culture, we can be observe extra elements that manage to give them a fresh and modern air. The jewels for 2018 are daring and scandalous, away from the minimalist styles we have intersected with so far, screaming for attention. The jewellers must be this year the stars of every outfit, whether they are architectural or transparent, so let’s see the most important jewellery trends of 2018.

The Statement Earrings

Spectacular, imposing, unusual, brilliant, opulent – this season everything is allowed when it comes to statement earrings.

The statement earrings have resisted in top for several seasons, and this trend doesn’t seems to disappear anytime soon. The bigger they are, the better. 2018 allows bold models to be worn, decorated with sequins, fur, tassels, beads, metal, crystals and more. If you choose such an accessory statement, you can easily neglect all the others in your closet. Massive earrings will surely become the centerpiece of your outfit.

A Single Earring statement/Mismatched Earrings

The pair of earrings are no longer fashionable this year. Contrasting earrings are worn in style and size, as Versace suggests. Another strong tendency that creators dictate in 2018 is a single earring statement. Opulent and challenging earrings inspire fashion designers this year. Mugler proposes silver, voluminous, sculptural, earrings with abstract art. John Galiano attracts attention through massive earrings with the unique form. Marc Jacobs bets on a singular ornament, with a massive golden key.

The Chandelier Earrings

The most beloved earrings pattern is the chandelier earrings, the best suited for a chic party. This is a growing trend and all signs show that such earrings do not have to miss out of anybody’s jewellery box.

Ring on Your Little Finger

An important trend for 2018 is represented by the little finger’s ring. The most popular are the seal type, which thus become jewellery statement. The thin rings fit also especially if you choose to wear similar patterns on your other fingers. The Viking rings are perfect if you want something special, so pick one and be in trends.

High Bracelets

The bigger the better – as would be the case with many designers who have particularly emphasized bracelets when presenting collections for this year. Are in vogue the bracelets with historical influences, silver in royal forms, plastic is a good option for cocktail spirit and also geometry on both hands.

Lucky Balls

Creators align with the trend of spirituality of fashion lovers and create necklaces with lucky or protective talismans that remove bad luck or bad spirits. The creations appear inspired by the shamanic traditions and dedicated to ancient deities. The Vikings influences are visible and we love it!

New Brooches

This year it seems that the brooches are a must have item that every woman should have. If you decide to wear one, you should be careful if you choose them, it should have a modern design, even if it has old-style influence.

So, this year is a great one for your personal style in terms of jewellery!

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