The perfect swimsuit for your body!

Maybe we are not perfect, but we can mask small defects if we make the best choices when it comes to swimsuits. Therefore we will debate the latest trends for the summer of 2009.
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Maybe we are not perfect, but we can mask small defects if we make the best choices when it comes to swimsuits. Therefore we will debate the latest trends for the summer of 2009.
We’ll see what models and colors designers prefer and we will match a swimsuit for all types of figures. This is all for you, so you can take the best decisions and cover any flaw!

The swimsuit that covers most of your body – Full cut

If you thought until recently that only ladies passed their first youth still wear a full swimsuit on the beach, well this is just a myth.
In this season full bathing suites that cover most of your body are extremely chic and designers show off a series of daring cuts and beautiful prints. And when you think it’s very good to hide some of your small defects, automatically this full swimsuit becomes the perfect choice for you. You won’t cry anymore that you are not as thin as you wanted; now, the belly isn’t a problem anymore! Trends in this summer have extremely challenging models and they make you shine!

Cut up swimsuit

Full bathing suit that is cut on the sides is called monokini, a very sexy model. Ads value to your body shape and it is the perfect choice for a relaxing day at the swimming pool. Due to this particular design, this type of swimsuits are ideal for those who have no waist, or their waist is not so good delimitated, but also for girls with a top model body figure.
The cuts will give a curved optical illusion so that you can leave the impression you have the body of an hourglass, even though the reality is completely different.

One shoulder off! One more to go!

We already saw that in this season it is a must to wear dresses and t-shirts with only one shoulder, so the designers adapted this trend in terms of swimsuits.
Whether it is a full suit or two-pieces, this model is extremely sexy and chic. Because of its particular design people won’t notice any imperfection of your body, and this bathing suit also emphasizes your bust. If you do not have a perfect abdomen you can choose a simple slip with high waist.

‘50’s style

The designers suggest going back to retro style this season. They already said goodbye to almost invisible bikini, preferring a trip back in time.
I do not think you would dislike seeing someone in a Marilyn Monroe vintage appearance (in a modern swimsuit for those specific years).
Be different and choose, this summer, such a model. Slip is most often with high waist and covers your buttocks entirely. So, if you’re shy and you are afraid to show off too much at the seaside, or if you have problems with cellulite, this swimsuit model is the best option.

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