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7 Hacks You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

No matter if you’re looking to change your hairstyle to a softer style, or going for a full new hair color, dyeing your hair has become a major personal DIJ project for those looking for a cheaper alternative than going to your hairdresser. 

Colors That Flatter You

For a dark, russet, brown and natural blond hair find the right combination with your makeup and your clothes.

Beauty portrait of sensual charming young woman holding makeup brush

Day Makeup With in 3 Different Ways

Day make-up may be a challenge for women. We have to stick to some simple rules, basic, and decide whether we want it nude, romantic or sophisticated, without being extravagant.

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What Makeup to Wear to Match Your Haircolor

I will teach you something new now… how to wear your makeup, so it can be in perfect harmony with your hair color.

Eye make-up in shades of green

If you usually make-up in gray, brown and black, now it’s time to switch to more daring colors. How about green vivid color? It matches any color of hair, skin and eye color.

Eye make-up depending on eye shape

Eyes are perhaps the most interesting part of our face.Before creating an eye make-up, take a look to: the eye color, hair color, clothes and eye shape!

A beautiful hair with 5 tricks

I believe you know exactly what I’m talking about: how to make your beautiful capillary attraction, even shinier. Actually this article right here is a simple advise that you should follow each day.

Tips for choosing the right shade of lipstick

This article is about how to choose a correct lipstick shade following simple rules…and observing your right skin tone.

Tips for choosing the correct hair color

In our days we can only sit back and enjoy the multiple choices that we have. The most frequent change, you probably already noticed, is related to your beautiful hair.