Eye Makeup Depending on Eye Shape

Eyes are perhaps the most interesting part of our face.Before creating an eye make-up, take a look to: the eye color, hair color, clothes and eye shape!

Eyes are perhaps the most interesting part of our face. Their beauty comes not so much in their form as in their expressiveness. We like and want to highlight them and can not do better it anyway than with makeup. Before creating an eye makeup, take a look to: the eye color, hair color, clothes and eye shape!

What Is the Best Eye Makeup for My Eye Shape?

We will present few basic principles, for the most common eye forms, and we advise you to take them into account when doing a makeup.

  • Almond-shaped eyes are considered ideal, are beautiful by nature and may be makeup in any way, the effect is always a sensual look;
  • Round eyes should be emphasized by using dark shades of makeup. The first step is shaping with black eyeliner or eye shadow, the upper and lower eyelash line, following the natural line of the eye, drawing an elongated line. Everything is complete with mascara that should be more abundant on the eyelashes of the outside corner (also, if you opt for false eyelashes, you should apply also on the outside corner);
  • “Dropped” eyes, should be makeup in the following way: use dark makeup color in the external corner, also, use mascara only on the external eyelashes, and highlight the inner corner with a beige tone or a silver paint.
  • Near (one to close to the other) eyes – Use lighter shades of eye shadow in the inner corner, near the nose and darker makeup on the other side;
  • Eyes with big distances between – makeup shades are used in the exact opposite way, as mentioned above.
  • Widened eyes – first you have to constantly use the cream for eyelids; use concealer to lighten the makeup color. It is recommended not to abuse contour and the use of brown mascara.

I hope these few tips will help you. The other advice I have for you is to see a makeup artist at least once, take all the necessary advice and use them afterwards.

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