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Day Makeup With in 3 Different Ways

Day make-up may be a challenge for women. We have to stick to some simple rules, basic, and decide whether we want it nude, romantic or sophisticated, without being extravagant.

Tips for Eye Make-Up: Choosing and Applying Eye Shadow

This article is meant to help us with some short make-up tips so we can get the glamorous sexy make-up we see in magazines.

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Hottest Makeup Tips for Valentines Day

I selected some of the greatest makeup tips, that are proper for a special “lovers” day, and I want to share them with you, so you can look and feel great on this lovely day :).

Eye make-up in shades of green

If you usually make-up in gray, brown and black, now it’s time to switch to more daring colors. How about green vivid color? It matches any color of hair, skin and eye color.

Eye make-up depending on eye shape

Eyes are perhaps the most interesting part of our face.Before creating an eye make-up, take a look to: the eye color, hair color, clothes and eye shape!

Eye color guides your eye make-up

For today we searched for some hot tips about how to emphasize your eye color with the simple eye make-up.