7 Hacks You Should Know Before Dyeing Your Hair

No matter if you’re looking to change your hairstyle to a softer style, or going for a full new hair color, dyeing your hair has become a major personal DIJ project for those looking for a cheaper alternative than going to your hairdresser. 

However, dyeing your hair for the first time can be a particularly tricky process. In this guide, we will be going over the top seven hacks that you should know before dyeing your hair. 

1. Do Plenty of Research Beforehand

Luckily, just by reading up on this guide, you’re already in the right direction. It is important to not assume you’re the world’s best hairdresser and can dye your hair without any know how. While researching, find what colors and tools you want to use to get the job done. This could even include making salon trips to see what they use when dying hair. It never hurts to get a few pointers from the experts!

2. Purchase the Right Tools

Dyeing your hair effectively means purchasing the right tools to make sure you get the salon quality you’re going for. The standard tools you should be buying include a bowl, dye brush, and latex gloves to start. However, you can easily check up on how-to videos to see what they use as well. Besides the standard tools you should be using, anything else is up to your preference. 

3. Make Sure You Don’t Wash Your Hair Before Dyeing

Set aside a day to dye your hair, and make sure you don’t wash your hair beforehand to avoid mixing chemicals. Doing so could have potentially disastrous results. Not only can it damage your hair, but it can also cause complications when dyeing it. Due to this, you want to make sure you keep your hair natural before and after dyeing it.

4. Don’t Go Too Extreme

Researchers say to not go too far from your original hair color with at home DIY dyes. Since they are less strong than salon dyes, they can have a tough time completely changing the color of your hair. Therefore, you should opt in for another color shade of your hair, and avoid going too extreme with hair dye. Try choosing a color that is just a shade or two lighter or darker than your natural color.

5. Test the Dye on a Small Area First

It can be risky to jump right into dyeing your hair, especially if you are using a new color that you have not used before. There is no way of knowing what it will look like after you have dyed your whole head. To avoid this uncertainty, begin by dyeing just a small area the new color. From there, you can decide if you like it or not. This can also help you to determine how your hair will react to the new dye. Since there are so many chemicals in hair dyes, they may interact unusually with your hair or cause damage. Keep your eyes out for any negative signs. Or, for an even better sneak peek at the end product, try on a wig in the same color as your hair dye. 

6. Avoid Swimming Pools

Bad news for swimmers! The chlorine that is used to treat swimming pools can also damage your freshly dyed hair. The chemical can cause harm to the hair cuticle, which results in your hair splitting. After dyeing your hair, you should wait at least two weeks before getting back in the pool. If you absolutely cannot wait that long before swimming again, there are steps you can take. You must prevent the chlorine from touching your hair. One of the easiest ways to do this is by wearing a swim cap. 

7. Perfect Your Aftercare Routine

Perhaps the most important part of the hair dyeing process is caring for it afterward. Taking care of your hair properly will ensure that the color remains vibrant and your hair stays healthy. To take care of your hair post-coloring, you will need to have the right tools. Choosing the right hair products, like shampoos, can prevent the color from fading and preserve your hair’s shine and texture. Look for pigmented or color safe shampoos. 

Getting you hair dyed at the salon can be expensive, and hard to fit into your tight schedule. Instead, many opt in to dye their hair at home. As convenient as this is, there are still guidelines you should be following when you skip the salon. Hopefully, this guide could offer you a better understanding of these rules, as well as a few hacks on effectively dyeing your hair. Good luck and enjoy your new hair color!

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