How to Maintain Healthy Hair: 5 Hair Care Tips You’ll Need

If you want to be able to do more without actually going an extra mile, there are plenty of other ways you can take extra good care of your hair.

Do you take good care of your hair? Chances are if you shampoo and condition every other day or about three or four times a week, go for regular trims, and pat your hair dry instead of rubbing it, you do. Very few women don’t put at least a little effort in keeping their locks clean and well-managed. But if you want to be able to do more without actually going an extra mile, there are plenty of other ways you can take extra good care of your hair.

Sleep on Silk Pillowcases

It probably has never even crossed your mind that the mere act of sleeping could cause any damage to your hair. After all, you need sleep to keep your body (hair included) healthy. The damage to hair caused by sleeping on regular pillowcases is actually very minimal unless you’re sleeping with wet or tightly tied hair. However, you might still want to trade in your current pillowcases for silk ones. Sleeping on slippery silk will protect the strands from unnecessary friction and prevents breakage.

Stock Up on Conditioner From Hair Dye Kits

You know those little sachets of conditioner that comes with DIY hair dye kits? Those things are designed to temporarily ‘fix’ or rather hide the damage done by the chemicals in the dye. According to Cosmetic chemist Randy Schueller, the secret ingredient in those conditioners that makes newly-dyed hair smooth and shiny is bis-isobutyl amodimethicone. You can opt to use regular conditioner after dyeing and set aside those packets of conditioner for special occasions or whenever you feel your hair is starting to become lackluster.

Tame Flyaways With a Dryer Sheet

Constantly dealing with frizzy hair? This is caused by lack of moisture in the air. Dryer sheets are your secret weapon against flyaways, as it is designed to reduce static cling on clothes. Punch a dryer sheet through the teeth of your brush and run it over your hair to manage the frizz. The nice smell that comes with it is just an added bonus!

Stay Healthy

As we said earlier, a healthy body means healthy hair. Maintain a well-balanced diet, ensuring you consume enough fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, whole grains, omega-3 fatty acids, and legumes to keep both you and your hair healthy. Stay hydrated to encourage hair strength and growth. It may seem like cliché advice, but your health is a priority and will definitely affect your locks.

Get on Top of Any Damage

Hair care isn’t always a one-size-fits-all situation, especially considering your hair texture, type, and what specific damages are already there. If you notice you’re prone to having split ends, get regular trims (or micro-trims) to keep it from spreading to the length of your strands. Hair that’s extremely damaged from dyeing or heat-styling will definitely require some sort of treatment (ask your stylist to recommend what’s best for your hair), and for you to avoid the heat, hot styling tools, and the sun. Avoid exposure to more chemicals such as those found in pools and hair dyes as well.

Your hair is your crowning glory and should be treated as such. Remember that a little effort here and there goes a long way! When in doubt, seek help from a friendly hairstylist at your nearby salon today.

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