This article is about how to choose a correct lipstick shade following simple rules…and observing your right skin tone.

This article is about how to choose a correct lipstick shade following simple rules…and observing your right skin tone.

Often wonder why the shade of lipstick doesn’t suit you? Usually the lipstick color does not look bad, but the color changes once applied on your lips, especially in contrast with your skin tone.
To find out exactly the lipstick shade, apply a tester on a blank sheet. So, you see the exact shade and you can choose correctly.
What are you looking for exactly? You have to know that the color of lipstick can highlight both the qualities and blemishes of your skin.

Learn how to choose the right color:

  1. Pink: heats skin color, but at the same time emphasize facial features. If you have thin lips or sharp nose avoid such nuances. It also emphasizes all red skin tones. Our recommendation is that pink lipstick should be worn especially by blonde women.
  2. Red: has similar characteristics as the pink lipstick, but this is a much warmer color and it has a more dramatically effect. Adds shine, softness and depth. Red lipstick can be used with confidence, it matches with any hair color: use dark red lipstick if you are blonde or light shades of red if you are brunette.
  3. Orange: Looks great on warm skin tones, but if the skin is very pale, well…orange will emphasize this feature. Too much orange can make skin look gray and aging. Redheads can use it with success, but it depends on their color shade. If  the red color is very bright, try not to use a bright orange shade for your lips.
  4. Brown and gold shades of lipstick: For a dramatic look.  You have to be aware that dark lipstick colors thickens the lips and can add some more years to your actual age. Also, a brown or gold lipstick matches any hair color.

Golden rules:

Regardless of skin color, the golden rule is do not exaggerate!

If eye make-up is strong, lipstick shade should be paler.

If you are wearing a casual or sport outfit, use a lip-gloss with a neutral shade.

If you go to a wedding and your dress is very…colorful, do not exaggerate with the lipstick shade.

So, in choosing the lipstick color, your should follow a very simple rule, before anything else: a rich make-up requires a pale shade of lipstick.

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