Adding Glitter to Your Makeup Correctly

A touch of glitter along your cheekbones or in your eyeshadow can add just the correct amount of glow to your appearance. However, it is very easy to do things wrong, so read the tips below, they will help you to make sure that when it comes to adding glitter to your makeup, you do it correctly.
Glitter eyes

Choose the Right Glitter 

Although craft glitter may be beautiful and cheap, you should not apply it to your face. Craft glitter is known to have sharp edges that may irritate your skin; it is also coloured with dye, which can end up leaking out onto your skin. 

On the other hand, cosmetic glitter is usually much finer and has edges that are round, which makes it much smoother on your skin. Also, it is made of a special plastic that is not toxic, plus it’s safe to wear and the colour will not rub off on your skin since it is made with pigment rather than dye. 

A good example of a cosmetic glitter is that made by Violet Voss. It is cruelty-free, comes in many different colours and adds a shining touch to any cosmetic you decide to use. When you decide to purchase this cosmetic glitter, you know that you are getting a product that is of high quality, which is always very important when you are applying it to your beautiful face. 

Apply the Right Way

Water won’t be enough to make your glitter stick. To make sure that it will not end up flaking off onto your clothes or into your eyes, you should use an adhesive that is made for the job, particularly if you desire to create a look that is more obvious or raised embellishment. Again, Violet Voss can come in handy in this department with its Secret Weapon Adhesive. For the glitter to blend perfectly, you should use a moisturiser. 

Part of applying correctly is how the glitter is put on the face. If you are using your hand, things could get very messy and you will likely end up having glitter everywhere except where you want it. You should use brushes to make sure the glitter is contained and only end up where you need it to. 

It is also recommended that you apply glitter before mascara if you are putting it on your lids. Moreover, the glitter tends to come on your lashes a little bit, so you will need the chance of dusting them off prior to applying mascara. 

Sparkle Should Be Added to One Area Only 

If you decide to apply glitter to your cheeks, lips and eyes, you will lose the beautiful effect and instead end up looking overdone. You should choose one section to apply glitter, then let that area sparkle: keep the rest neutral. 

To conclude, if you add glitter to your makeup, it can give you a lovely hint of sparkle. Keep in mind that to use cosmetic glitter, you should apply with brushes plus an adhesive that is made for the job, then keep the rest neutral.

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