8 Ways to Look Stunning on a Night Out

We hope these ideas would help in empowering yourself and increasing your self-confidence while having the best night of your life!
8 Ways To Look Stunning on a Night Out

As girls enter womanhood, night out parties become more and more frequent in their personal hectic schedules. Especially if you are a professional, more often than not, you will need time for yourself – a time to just relax and forget about the serious stuff in your life, just hang loose, relax, party, and have fun.

Women dress up for themselves. They want to look good, feel good not for anybody else but solely for themselves. If you are a woman and you’re reading this, I know you totally agree with what I’m saying. When going out with friends, it definitely helps that you feel comfortable with how you look, and what you wear. Why? Because it makes you feel confident. It makes you bold as a woman. It makes you believe in yourself, boosting that self-esteem of yours. These things, these are all important factors of being a woman.

When You Finally Decided to Socialize

Life is busy. It’s almost always difficult to find time to catch up with some good friends, talk, and relax. You are more likely to stay for more hours at work or studying for your next philosophy test than leave early to rest or unwind. We’re all guilty of it. But sometimes, it’s all that we need. And when you realize this, bet you will need anything that you can get to look perfectly stunning.

Here, we’ve come up with 8 Ways to nail your look before socializing with friends, or maybe meeting new people on a night out with your main girls. We hope these ideas would help in empowering yourself and increasing your self-confidence while having the best night of your life! Let’s start!

1.  Take Some Time to Rest for a While Before Preparing.

An all important note! You need your beauty sleep. Sleep earlier the night before. Rest. Even before preparing, pause and sit for a while. You need this in order to relax your body so it will regain the strength it needs for the rest of the gimmick. And so it will have time to rebuild tissues and restore the skin’s glow and moisture.

Take a shower or a bubble bath, whichever you prefer. Exfoliate, do your skin care routine and all the essential hygienic procedure. Again, sleep.

2.  Don’t Just Pick a Random Dress, Try Everything That You Think Might Fit You Well and Choose the Best Among Them.

Days before the night out, make it a goal to decide on what to wear. Oftentimes, because we lack the luxury of time and we don’t want to exert an effort for it, we resort to dressing up the ugly way so we feel ‘ugly’ as well. Why don’t you set a time for dress fitting? Or if you don’t think it’s in your closet already, you can visit your favorite clothing shop first.

No time for shopping? Try making a purchase online. No idea on what to wear? Use mobile applications like Pinterest, Tumblr or WeHeartIt wherein you can find the best ideas for different occasions. Fit the clothes and choose the one that suits you best!

3.  Do Your Hair.

I know it’s a lot easier to let your hair be left untouched, but trust me, a little bit of styling won’t hurt. In fact, it will make you look even prettier! You should know which hairstyle looks best in yourself. Do you think you prefer having curls or just a long, straight hair? How about a messy bun? Your call! As long as you feel good about it, girl.

4.  Choose the Makeup Look That You’re Comfortable to Wear.

Some girls would want a heavy makeup look when going out at night, particularly when visiting a bar. While others, would prefer a more natural or no makeup look. Whether smoky eyes or just plain red lipstick, wear something that will give comfort on your face. Your skin is a delicate thing, and putting too much makeup can damage the epidermis. However, if it can stand heavy makeup and you want that for yourself, I wouldn’t stop you from putting that on either.

Yet, the simpler, the better! Sometimes you just need a good pair of eyebrows, a red, matte-textured lips, red cheeks, curled lashes, and sometimes, a light eyeshadow on your eyelids. To have a better eyelid or eyelash makeup experience, you can try using the fashionable LED strip lights for cosmetic use.

5.  Find the Perfect Pair of Shoes That Matches Your Outfit.

It doesn’t stop at finding the right dress. You will need a pair of shoes that will match it well. Some women are too particular when it comes to choosing their shoes. They know what they want. Heels, stilettos, rubber shoes, wedges, flip flops, etc. Some want it shining and shimmering, some want it plain or ragged. It still depends on your taste and preference.

6.  Add Some Accessories or Jewelry.

Accessories such as necklace, bracelet, watches, earrings, rings, etc. are a great addition to your overall look. They will give a touch of elegance and sophistication. Make sure they’re not too much for your fashion sense and that they still blend well with the other garments.

7.  Wear Your Favorite Perfume.

When you know you smell good, you start to gain confidence and feel better. Perfume provides a pleasing scent to your body and clothes. There’s also a sense of being hygienic and clean. It also makes you more attractive and good-looking.

8.   Use a Pouch That Is Handy Yet Stylish.

Carry a pouch that has enough room for your phone, wallet, and retouching kit. You don’t need to store up your paper works, and other heavy possessions. You also wouldn’t want to carry a hefty bag into a party. It might destroy your fashion. So, stick to the little yet functional pouch or handbag or sling bag.


Among all these tips, it is most important to just be yourself. Dress the way you want to, not to impress or show off, but to look and feel good. To eliminate the existing stress and pressure in your life at the moment. Remember, you’re stunning just the way you are. You don’t even have to try! These tips will only help you enhance the beauty that you already have outside and within. Have fun on the night out, girl!

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