8 Essential Beauty Brands for Vegans

Here are eight awesome brands that work with your ethical lifestyle.

Trying to find decent make-up has been, in the past, a bit of challenge for vegans. It used to be so difficult to find products that weren’t tested on animals, but thankfully, beauty brands are starting to wise up and understand that beauty shouldn’t come at the expense of your ethics. In fact, far from simply ticking a box to target a demographic, some are making it their mission to bring cruelty-free make-up into the center of the beauty product world!

Kat Von D Beauty

Kat Von D is a tattoo artist and vegan who has created some really high-quality lines. The products are extremely versatile, with some stunning matte neutrals and some bold liquid lipsticks and a felt-tip liquid eyeliner which is superbly pigmented. 

There’s also some really competitively priced contour palettes which range from soft nudes to some gorgeous vibrant bolds.

100% Pure

This brand is a fantastic way to keep to your principles and look fabulous. Offering a unique natural make-up brand, 100% Pure uses organic fruit dyed make-up which has all the vibrancy and color of leading makeup brands with all the benefits of natural products. This means that as well as looking beautiful, you can feel happy in the knowledge that your skin is benefiting from antioxidants, vitamins and essential oils. 

Urban Decay

The well-known range, which offers some really bold and vibrant pigments and eyeshadows, also offers a range of animal-friendly make-ups. They offer some fantastic neutrals as well and setting spray to treat oily skin. Their palette range offers some big shades and some more subtle nudes. 

Some of their vegan ranges are great for masking lines which set without drying. 

Perfekt Beauty

Based in California and relatively new on the market is Perfekt Beauty. They’re confirmed as completely cruelty-free and have made a bold move in ensuring their products aren’t sold in countries where animal testing is required. 

They’ve made a name for themselves as an easy-to-use brand, with loads of multi-use products which they’ve made sure are free from synthetic fragrance. 


Lush set the benchmark in ethical beauty products. All their products are completely free of animal testing. They have been mostly known for their range of bath bombs, soaps, and masks, but have more recently branched out into an exciting range of make-up. 

They’ve got some gorgeous cream eyeshadows and beautiful lip shades which have a base of jojoba and rose wax so you can be sure your smile is utterly cruelty-free.


A completely vegan, gluten-free brand, Pacifica are fast becoming known as a leader in innovative make-up lines. They offer some gorgeous skin-care products and cosmetics. They focus on some really interesting primers and foundations with some great colors and mid-range palettes.

As well as being confirmed as cruelty-free, they also ensure their products are free from sulfates and parabens, making sure your skin stays fresh and ph balanced.


Milani has some really cool vegan products. They’ve been known especially for their baked blushes and eyeshadows, along with some long lasting lip products. There’s a wide selection of really bold and vibrant colors but also have some gorgeous neutrals and nudes. One stand-out product is their pore-minimizing face primer which is excellent for treating oily skin types.

Too Faced

Owned by Estee Lauder, Too Faced is especially renowned for their powder products and their sublime mascaras and neutral colored palettes (including one that is scented like chocolate!) Ideally suited to ladies who like a muted, natural look with their make-up, they’ve ensured that their products aren’t sold in countries that test on animals.

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