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Jennifer Aniston became a movie star 11 years ago, starting with the TV series “Friends”, and her distinct note was that beautiful haircut. We all remember that straight hair cut in stairs.  From season to season she surprised fans by keeping the same impeccable style, but somehow, it always looked different.

[singlepic id=364 h=170 float=left]She brought a new trend in hair fashion, creating a real hysteria. She reached the first place in a survey regarding the haircut people like to copy. Almost every time, in the ceremony of Oscar awards, her style choice was a simple hairdo, in stairs, and very straight. Is it that easy to get it? Apparently not, because not everyone can allow such a haircut, especially that the majority of us has little wavy hair and is very difficult to keep it so straight and natural like Jennifer’s’. We offer you a few tips that you should follow, if you admire her hairstyle, and we promise you will get the wanted style:

1. Start by using a shampoo with balm. Keep your hair in a towel, not washing the balm, for 10-15 minutes. Will help to maintain your hairdo.
2. Continue with a combination of wax and hair gel and stretch it carefully on the hair. This will make your hair be straight and silky.
[singlepic id=360 h=100 float=right]3. Dry it using a round brush, with jet of semi-cold air, so you won’t damage your hair
4. Once the hair is dry, use the hair straightener. This is the key of this whole hairdo. Use a brilliance effect spray, pulverize it on your hair, then stretch it with the plate and don’t brush it after wards.

Although Jennifer Aniston is not one of the “friends” anymore, we will still see her remarkable style in Hollywood. Follow our advice and get that lovely hairstyle, wear it like it is made for you and try to copy some more from Jennifer, because she is one of the most impeccable stars in Hollywood.

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  1. Jennifer Aniston is a wonderful woman and deserves happiness and the achievement she already has and more.

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