Best Foundation for Dark Skin Tones and Oily Skin

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There is the general misconception that women with dark skin tones find it challenging to find a foundation that’s suitable for their skin. Dark skin with oily nature is a deadly combination. Luckily, with the info presented in this post, you will find that it is no longer painstaking or time consuming to don the best makeup. We would also help you find out which foundation is best for oily skin. Read on.

The Correct Procedure for Applying Foundation

Women of colour can create a three-dimensional effect by applying two kinds of foundation on their face. This is because if you take just one foundation and apply it everywhere, it fails to create a three-dimensional effect and your face looks out of character. So you can choose a lighter foundation, and a deeper one to highlight the high points of your cheek, across the bridge of your nose, the chin and the middle of your forehead. A deeper foundation can highlight the skin tones, and reduce dark spots.

If you need the best liquid foundation for oily skin, then getting a mattifying foundation would be a wise choice. It can enhance the dark skin tones and make the skin look fresh all day through.

Tip you can use while applying foundation: Women with dark skin tones must start applying foundation around their hairline to match their correct shade.

Best Full Coverage Foundation for Oily Skin

While choosing the best full coverage foundation for oily skin, remember to test well. You have to work with your skin’s undertones to get understand your exact shade. Consider the colour of your chest, while testing the colours at the makeup counter of the store. You can start by tracing the foundation/shades from the cheek to the jawline, and since faces are lighter than the body, make sure the shade matches your entire body.

The overwhelming number of options that’s available in the market is bound to confuse you. We understand that choosing the best out of them is not easy. For example, if your skin has the tendency to break out, you need to choose a foundation for oily acne prone skin. You could go for a medium to full coverage foundation.

You can buy foundation that contains salicylic acid if your skin is prone to breakouts. The acid has the capability to dry up the oil producing glands, curbing the formation of pimples immediately.

However, it is important to use a clean brush or sponge each time you apply the foundation, and do it in a stippling motion. This is because when you use your hands to apply the foundation, the oil from your hands could get transferred to your face. And usage of hands could clog your pores, which is not good at all.

The most common mistake is when you choose the wrong foundation when your skin is too oily. It is also important to choose a foundation that would stay put all day through, and at the same time deliver a shine-free effect.

If you have the budget, you could go for foundations with gel formula. It is good for oil-prone complexions, has a smooth texture and would give off breathable coverage. You can also go for a matte finish that’s designed for oily skin types; there are ones that can treat blemishes too. There are foundations in the market with amazing oil controlling ingredients; they give great coverage as well. Give your cheeks a highlight, so they will have a slight glow.

Tip you can use while applying foundation: To have a smooth veil of color on your skin everywhere, remember to have a good match around the hairline, and ensure it blends seamlessly with the rest of the skin.

Things to Remember When You Choose Foundation Cream for Oily Skin:

  • Wrong formula can make your makeup slide up and down.
  • Never apply foundations or formulas designed for dry skin, or have a flowing finish to them
  • Stick to matte-finish foundations; they are oil-free
  • Foundations that don’t cake or pill will stay the whole day
  • The foundation should not settle on the fine wrinkles or lines on your face
  • Foundation with luminescing finish would be good for lackluster skin.
  • After dipping the brush or sponge into the powder foundation, tap the excess particles off it, to avoid having a sugared doughnut face
  • It is important to check the shade of your foundation against your jawline; this would help avoid having one color on your face, and another on your neck.

Powder Foundations Are Good

Choosing the best powder foundation for oily skin would relieve most of your woes regarding face makeup. If you don’t want to look like you’ve emerged from an Egyptian tomb, you need to understand your skin first. Using an oil-free or powder foundation is the answer to beautifying your oily skin. Mineral makeup is also good enough because the dry particles in the product will absorb the moisture. There are hydrating powders in the market, and they have ingredients that would moisturize your skin and provide even more coverage than regular powders.

Powder foundation is also good for people with combination skin as it can even out the areas that need oil absorption. They work much better than liquid formulas.

Closing Thoughts on Your Next Foundation if You Have Dark Skin

Finding the right foundation for dark skin tones will be easier if you are aware of skin’s undertones. Typically, your face is lighter than the body, so when testing colours, make sure to get a shade that matches your body as a whole. While testing the different shades, leave them on your skin for several minutes, to understand the shade that goes well with your shade.

The right kind of makeup can make you look as hot as Gabrielle Union, Joan Smalls, or Iman. However, it would be advisableto buy foundation that is highly pigmented, but has a weightless feel. Before applying the foundation make sure you exfoliate and moisturize your skin for best effects.

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