7 Tips to Get Glowing Skin as a Busy College Student

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Stress, lack of sleep, and poor hydration are primary causes of bad skin. So are bad habits such as failing to remove makeup, and spending too much time in the sun. Looking at this list, it shouldn’t be surprising that so many college students struggle with skin troubles. That includes acne, dry skin, dull complexions, oily skin, even dark circles. In fact, studies have shown a connection between stress and skin problems among college students.

Now the good news. With a bit of effort, most university students can restore the glow to their complexions. If you’d like to do just that, check out these seven tips.

1.   Drink Water and Wear Sunscreen

Yes, you have seen this advice in every article about skincare. We’re including it here as well. That’s just how important this is. Think of hydration and sun protection as the foundation of lifelong skincare. If you don’t do these things, nothing else will matter.

Grab that water bottle first thing in the morning, then use it! Not a fan of plain water? Try infusing it with fruit or flavored water drops! Now, check your daily moisturizer? If it doesn’t have SPF 30 or higher, it may be time to make a change.

2.   Make a Natural and Earth-Friendly Mask or Cleanser

Don’t let cost stop you from pampering your skin. Chances are you have ingredients in your dorm or at home to make some amazing masks and cleansers. Better yet, many of these are safe for the environment as well as being effective. Here are a few to try:

  • Make an exfoliating body scrub with table sugar and coconut oil.
  • Smash banana with a bit of baking soda and turmeric for a healing facemask
  • Mix coarsely ground oats with mashed avocados, honey, coconut oil, and lemon to hydrate for a healthy glow.
  • Save your chamomile tea bags, and use them to shrink under-eye puffiness.

Best of all, these are perfect recipes for sharing with others. Pamper yourself now, then plan a post-pandemic group makeover.

3.   Clean Your Brushes and Makeup Wipes

If you could look at your makeup brushes, sponges, and reusable wipes, you’d see why they need to be cleaned so often. They are simply Petri dishes for all sorts of microbes and other gross stuff. At best, you’ll clog your skin and suffer from breakouts. At worst, you could get a serious skin or eye infection!

If you use reusable makeup wipes, you can toss them in a mesh bag and wash them with your light-colored clothing. Just keep them out of the dryer. Avoid using fabric softeners as well. They can add a layer of film that can be harsh on your skin.

For brushes, get them damp and use just a drop or two of cleaner or a mild shampoo. Rinse well, and reshape the bristles. Let them dry flat. For sponges, wet them, add cleaner, and rub against a rubber cleaning mat. Dry on a towel. Avoid squeezing or wringing.

4.   Know Your Ingredients

You should be as familiar with the products you put on your skin as you are with the food you eat. This way, you know what the active ingredients are, and how they impact your skin.

If you find a product that works, learn the ingredients. This will help you find skincare products that are proven to work with you, even if a particular brand is unavailable. You will also be better able to find ingredients that are problematic for your skin, so you know what to avoid in the future.

5.   Pamper Yourself With a Professional Facial

Your skin is your largest organ. It protects your body and helps you regulate your temperature. It’s worth taking care of. Don’t shy away from spending a bit of money on that from time to time. Hook up with a local spa to schedule a facial or other luxury skin treatments. You won’t regret it. 

6.   Don’t Forget the Skin Below Your Neck

When you think of glowing skin, there should be more on your mind than your face. It’s time to go for an all-over glow. Scrub regularly with an exfoliant. Use an all-over body moisturizer right after you come out of the shower. For cleansing, consider investing in a high-quality bar soap with ingredients to benefit your skin type. Pamper your feet with a cooling lotion or powder, and protect your lips with an all-natural lip balm.

7.   Avoid Dollar Store Products

It’s tempting to go ham in the skincare and makeup aisle at the local dollar store. After all, just look at all that product you can get for just a few dollars! The truth is that you are better off spending your money elsewhere. There are a few reasons for this:

  • Expired products.
  • Cheap ingredients that look bad or don’t work as intended.
  • Skin irritating fragrances in makeup and cleansers.
  • Filler ingredients could cause breakouts or other reactions.

Here’s something else to keep in mind. Dollar store products are often sold in smaller than normal bottles and jars. When you compare them to products sold at other places, their cost per ounce is actually much higher.

Final Thoughts

You can absolutely enjoy glowing skin, even as a busy college student. Remember that it all starts from within. Drink plenty of water. Keep your skin safe from harmful sun rays. Use home ingredients to make masks and scrubs. But, remember that your skin is worth some paid pampering too! Remember that your skin matters: All of it! Finally, don’t cause yourself harm by purchasing skincare products at rock bottom prices.

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