Beginner’s Guide: 16 Make-Up Mistakes You Need to Avoid

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It takes a lot of time, energy and experimentation to get the perfect make-up that suits you well. After spending hours in front of the mirror, if you are not satisfied, then you are definitely making some unusual but often mistakes. Internet is busted with inspirational and tutorial videos and blog post to guide you. However, not everyone gives complete guidance to save your time and hassle. Below is a list of a whole 16 tips of make-up mistakes that you need to avoid to get the perfect look every time.

1. Over-Washing Face

Washing and cleansing is the first step of make-up. However, sometimes, after applying make-up, your skin seems dry and brittle even after being oily. It is a sign of over washing. Ideally, it is recommended to wash face twice daily in the morning and evening. Use mild cleansers to let your skin’s natural oils work wonders and nourish your skin without the interference of harsh chemicals.

2. Applying Make-Up on Dry Skin

Applying make-up on dry skin is not just make it look bad but also damages your skin. Properly moisturize your skin before applying make-up to avoid cracks and dullness. This will ensure that your face is hydrated well, and hence, your make-up will stay smooth and more prolonged.

3. Wrong Lighting

To get the best make-up look for your skin, test your look in natural lightning. Make-up tried and done in unnatural lightning doesn’t look as flattering as expected. Hence, choose what the best on you looks in a natural light setup.

4. Wrong Blending Techniques

Make-up is not just dabbing your brush on a palate. Even if a natural shade is applied, it will look unnatural if blended out of place. The key to getting a perfectly natural looking make-up is to master the art of blending. If the right make-up is not blended well, it will look comical. You may need to invest in some good brushes and blenders to achieve the goal.

5. Incorrect Application of Concealer

Don’t get stuck into the debate of which goes first? Concealer of foundation? It is recommended to cover the flaws with a foundation first and let it set. Then apply concealer as per the need of your skin and coverage area.

6. Too Much Foundation

Applying excessive foundation to your face will make it look like a cake. If you are wearing a light and sheer make-up, you may don’t need to use foundation on your entire face. Just apply it on your cheeks, under eyes or if required, then on your nose. You may use it only to cover blemishes if you don’t have a concealer.

7. Eyebrow Disaster

“Eyebrows are considered as the windows to the soul-eyes”says Susanne – fashion blogger at PremiumJackets. Bushy brows look untidy hence shape them neatly so that they can highlight your eyes beautifully. It is essential to go to a professional to trim them as they can change an entire look of your face for good or for worse.

8. Unwanted Shimmer

Shimmery eyes may look attractive occasionally, but you don’t have to get the glitter all over your face or eyelids. Use shimmer on the inner eye and add matte shadows with it. Use nude shades that are darker than your skin tone to highlight the shape correctly.

9. Using Wrong Eyeliner

It is recommended to use black eyeliner only if you have a darker skin tone. If you have a lighter skin tone, you should stick to brown liners. Black is a no go zone for blond hair and blue eyes.

10. Mascara Mistakes

Applying two cats of mascara is more than enough to make your lashes look beautiful. Adding a third coat will make them look clumsy. Also, don’t use it on lower lashes as it will give spider leg appearance. Hold them vertically and then apply a single coat if needed.

11. Bronzer Blunders

Bronzer is not something that you sweep all over your face. Use it only on that area where sun directly hits your face that is cheekbones, jawline or forehead top. Draw lines then blend it well.

12. Lip Liner Woes

Don’t draw thin and sharp edges to the borders of your lips. It may make your lips look weird. Liners are made to define and highlight the shape of your lips, so use them to add depth to them. Also, don’t use decidedly darker shades to avoid your lips look crimpy.

13. Tacky Lipstick Color

After doing the perfect make-up, a lipstick can either make your look or break it. Choose a shade wisely that looks natural and suits your skin well. Use light shades with darker make-up and darker shades with light make-up to prevent you look aged.

14. Face Powder Fetish

Face setting powder is the last step to seal your efforts on your face. Just be careful as it may emphasize wrinkles and fine lines. So, use it well on T zones of your face and dab it to wave off the excess powder.

15. Clown Cheeks

Improper application of blush will make you look like a clown. Always place blush after foundation to balance it on your cheek tone. Tap off the extra powder and choose decent tones to highlight apple of cheeks not to make them look inflamed.

16. Omitting Primer

Primers are a blessing to those who want to avoid often touchups as they set your make-up for long they prevent your make-up from fading and being your skin oily. Hence, to keep the perfect look for all-day or night long, use a primer before applying foundation.

Like the above tips? Apply them to get the spectacular look that you have always dreamed of!

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