Beauty Tips and Quick Fixes for Your Hair

When we are against the clock every second counts, but that does not mean we have to be careless! Here are some ideas, tricks to arrange your hair!
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For fine hair, you need a root-level fixative, then use a styling brush to dry your hair with your head down!

To give a shape for a wavy or thick hair, I recommend the foam for styling and hair drying on larger wave highlights than usual (just how much it can fit on a brush).

If you are worried about the volume excess at the root of the hair, the problem can be quick solved by applying foam that will act by absorbing sebum excess and removing it from the hair!

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If you have:

  • long nose: drop the center combing, bring your bangs to front of the face and make more hair volume starting from the neck.
  • smaller nose: comb your hair to your back and do not make too many waves; Try to reveal your face and not let the rebel waves cover it!
  • bumpy nose, the length of the hair should not exceed the shoulder level and it will be an advantage a bulky hairstyle with the tips turned away.
  • short neck: the length of the hair should be medium. It is recommended to paint a few twists in a color other than that of the hair.
  • flat face: you must open your face either by fixing your hair and directing it from your ears to the front or simply wearing it by your ears. Also your hair lines should be asymmetrical!
  • low forehead: a short bang is recommended, about half the length of the forehead
  • large forehead: you should wear a long and thick bang.
  • big ears: comb your hair over your ears or give more volume when you tighten it.

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