Protect your hair against the sun!

Three essential products that will protect your hair this summer! Buy them with no hard feelings, they can only make your hair radiate!

During the summer you focus all your attention on your skin, but you should not neglect the hair. The sun damages your hair as much as it damages your skin; the only big problem is that you can’t see the results until autumn. Therefore, get used to the idea that you need to invest serious money in good hair products with high SPF. Here are some options:

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Clarins Sun Care Spray Radiant Oil for body and hair

An effective spray which protects your hair from harmless effect of the sun and stops it from getting dry. The interesting part is that you can use it both for hair and body, because you need a very small quantity at each application. It has a really charming aroma, not too sweet and not too strong. It is the ideal option to protect your hair while you relax on a sunny beach.

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Kerastase Soleil Micro Voile Protecteur

A hair spray dedicated for colored hair that applied on wet or dry hair before sun exposure leaves the hair soft and silky. It is a great sunscreen or just a simple product for daily use, even if you do not rest on a sun bed at the swimming pool.

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L’Oréal Professionnel Sublime Advanced Conditioning Spray Series Expert Solar

With a strong fruit flavor that matches the holiday sun, the spray is very easy to use before you go to the beach. It helps you protect your hair properly. It is very useful also for disentangling your hair.

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