Keeping Your Lips Looking Fuller

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In turn, they feel much more confident in their social circles.  But, what if your lips are naturally slimmer? Is there anything you can do to keep your lips looking fuller? Yes, that’s why we want to share with you these beauty secrets to achieve and maintain such a look. Let’s get to it!

Keep Your Lips Hydrated  

Dry lips tend to look slimmer than usual. But, when you drink lots of water, you are hydrating the lips from inside. Hence, ensure you drink lots of water throughout the day. Then use a moisturizing lip serum to keep the topical lip area moist.

Plump Them Up

Lip plumpers use natural ingredients like ginger and cinnamon that cause slight irritation to the lips. In turn, they plump the lips for the next few hours, giving you a fuller look you want. Opt for such products when you want immediate results. Still, you may experience some tingling.

Define and Tint Your Lips

Most thin lips appear pale. But, a lip stain can add life to such dull lips. It’s a quick yet temporary fix that will last you for up to a day. These lip stains enhance the color of your lips without masking them. Hence, both your lip shape and natural beauty remains intact. Besides, unlike lipstick, lip stains remain intact when eating or drinking. Plus, they are available in both sweet and seductive varieties.


Exfoliating your lips at least once a week will help to keep them looking younger and fuller. Plus, it will help you get rid of dryness that comes about due to a build-up of dead cells on the lips. Use a gentle all-natural lip scrub that has fine salts or sugars to shade the dead cells.  Some of these scrubs contain natural oils to moisturize your lips after the scrub.

Apply a Lip Liner

Often, dry lips will crack and even bleed, creating an uneven appearance. More so, when you apply lipstick to dry lips, the lipstick feathering becomes visible as lines form around the mouth. This condition tends to get worse as one grows older. Hence, apply a lip liner on top of your lipstick to prevent such cracks from forming.

Use Anti-Ageing Lip Treatments

Aging catches up with everyone, including women with naturally fuller lips. Hence, you can delay this process by using safe anti-aging products for your lips. These include ingredients that stimulate collagen production, crucial in skin renewal. Second, they have retinoid that helps regenerate the skin on the lips. Third, they have hyaluronic acids to hydrate dry lips. Plus, its antioxidants help in removing free radicals.

Long Term Solutions

The above tips provide quick, short term solutions to getting fuller-looking lips. Still, consider applying sun protection as a long term solution. Opt for lip products that include SPF. It will prevent your lips from forming wrinkles over time due to exposure to the sun. Other long term solutions involve using injectables and surgery. Lip fillers like the derma fillers Toronto will add volume to your lips in proportion to your face or hands. 


The above solutions, whether short term or long term work. Hence, select a solution that best applies to you. If unsure, it is best to consult a certified dermatologist. More so, if you want to go through surgical procedures, including lip augmentation.  A professional will take you through the benefits and highlight any potential side effects of each option.

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