How to Exfoliate: Beauty Tips for Face and Body

Exfoliating is the friendly expression for removing dead skin cells. Read some beauty tips about exfoliation and how to help you skin regenerate, for a healthier and prettier skin.
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Cell regeneration is a natural process which helps our skin’s immunity to grow and by that our skin is hold healthy and beautiful.

Usually skin will regenerate itself each 27 to 30 days. It depends on many terms like nourishment, environment, age, genetic agents.

This is why we should help the physiologic process of skin regeneration. And for that I am here, ladies, to give you some tips of how to exfoliate your skin. The results will be amazing, believe me!


Five Beauty Tips on Exfoliation

First of All, Get Moist

Rinse your skin with warm water, to be sure pores will be opened up, and by that the results will be greater. Exfoliating on dry skin will scrub away both dead and healthy skin, and this is not our purpose.

Choose the Ingredients Wisely

Use gentle, smaller grains to exfoliate your face. I recommend baking soda, oatmeal, ground coffee or coconut pulp. For body you can use sugar or sea salt. I can tell, I love the ground coffee for both face and body. Your skin will not only get smoother, but also it will smell so great.

The Right Time for Exfoliating

Our skin tends to repair overnight. The best time for exfoliation is in the morning because new cells are growing overnight and are waiting to get out, but only after the dead cells are wiped away.

On the other hand, we know ladies what a beautiful feeling is to settle down in our fluffy beds after a long busy day, with so smooth and soft skin. Yes, for this gorgeous feeling, you can exfoliate you skin at night.


Use gentle and circular motions. This kind of motions are good to remove dirt and also are so good to ameliorate cellulite. Bye-bye dead cells and helps cellulite? Exactly. Two in one.

You can use a loofah or just your hands. It’s up to you. What is important is to be gentle. The point is to help your skin to look better, not to become drier or irritated.


Well, some ingredients will make your skin a little drier. It’s alright, they do their jobs to remove the dead cells, and that is not so easy. After you’ve finished exfoliating, apply moisturizer. This step is much important for face. We all know that face is more sensitive, and if for the body we can skip this step, for the face is really not recommended.


Exfoliating Is Very Important for Our Face and Body

It helps the regeneration process, removes dead cells, reduces skin pigmentation, fine lines and even wrinkles. I recommend every woman to exfoliate her skin for a good looking. It is also relaxing and will make you feel  prettier.

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