Hair Beauty: Tips for a Healthy Looking Hair

When your hair looks great, it feats you well, you just feel fantastic. But what if you have problem locks? Well, this is why Beautips exists, to help you manage beauty problems :). This article is all about messy problems that we have with our hair. Tips about how to make your hair look as good as “freshly out from a salon”.

Now, with all the experts advice there is no need to go to a hairdresser in order to get things right for your hair. Remember that you should achieve products relevant for your problem. Also, try to correct your hair drying techniques, blow-drying your hair can really transform it if your won’t be careful.

Tip 1: How to Get Real Volume for Your Hair

If you have fine, colored hair, you may have this problem, flat hair. When the hair grows and the natural roots appear, the hair won’t have the same structure, and the natural one will be thinner. If you have a problem with flat hair all the time, go for tresses, not for full color.

Another thing you can do is change your blow-drying technique. Use a light hold blow drying lotion aimed specifically for fine hair and avoid mousse. Afterward, when you blow dry, use a vent brush, which will allow the heat to circulate and lift your hair from the roots. You can also try, when your hair is still warm and a little wet, put some medium sized rollers around the crown. You can spray hairspray and after 10 minutes take them off. You will see a real change in achieving volume for your hairstyle.

Tip 2: What to Do With Dry, Dull Hair?

If your problem is dull hair: first of all, use cold water to rinse your hair. Not cold cold, but less hot. Also, use a conditioner or a mask to close the cuticles, this will give your hair a smoother look, enhancing the shine. For a real glossy shine, blow-dry it using a nozzle attachment. Once hair is almost dry, direct the heat parallel to the hair shaft for a super-smooth glossy finish. And try to stay away from chlorinated water and sun!

If you have a problem with dry hair, you should take care with your rinsing process. Hair shouldn’t be rinsed until it “squeaks”. The best tip you get with dry hair is to use a conditioner or a hydrating hair mask every time you wash your hair and, when it comes to drying it, dry the roots first, and use a diffuser attached on your dryer to distribute heat evenly. Use a heat-protective spray before drying your hair.

Tip 3: How to Deal With Greasy Hair

First, do not rub your scalp hard! Shampoo yourself twice. First, use a gentle light shampoo, cleaning your hair, and the second one should be a special shampoo for greasy hair.

The biggest problem with greasy hair is actually the person… that washes his hair everyday! Don’t do that! This will only activate your sebaceous glands and they will produce even more grease at your scalps level! Usually, hair needs to be cleaned every 3-4 days.

Don’t skip conditioner, many of us do, considering that will only show our hair lighter, and thinner, so the greasy look will be much more obvious. Just concentrate on the mid length of your hair, do not use conditioner on your scalp.

Fudge created a dry shampoo that takes away in a zip, the greasy look. Dry shampoo is a great way to banish greasy roots and prolong the life of your blow-dryer. This product is transparent so you won’t have problems, neither as a brunette, or blond. Your hair will be soft and smooth. Another product is released by Tigi Rockaholic, called TIGI Bed Head Rockaholic Dirty Secret Dry Shampoo, you will find it on, for 17$. This dry shampoo, adds volume and keeps your hair cleaned one more day in case you have no time to wash your hair!

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