Easy Tips for Irresistible First-Date Makeup

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The first date with a new boyfriend is an exciting moment. If you are satisfied with your appearance, you will undoubtedly charm any man. To feel confident on a date, start preparing ahead. Appropriate and beautiful makeup is an important part of your look.

First of all, a man will pay attention to your appearance. Here are the first-date makeup tips every girl should know. Let’s figure them out together.

Perfect Makeup Plan

Numerous psychologists’ studies have proven that the most successful makeup option for a first date is the required minimum. It is especially true for the use of dense tone. The excess makes a face untidy and somewhat aging. Besides, with an incorrectly selected tone, a visible border of the cream may remain, which is also not a very attractive idea for a date.

To look beautiful, be careful with makeup tips for beginners: it is very easy to overdo it. Work on a perfectly smooth and natural look. Avoid unnecessary toning and using pink blush if you usually blush from embarrassment or excitement. It can make the situation worse. Beige and brown tones are suitable. Besides, they favorably emphasize facial features. Here are some skin tips:

  • Use a makeup base. It will keep your makeup lasting throughout the date and help smoothen skin tone before applying foundation.
  • Apply a light foundation. You should create the perfect skin tone at this stage of makeup but still leave its natural look.
  • Cover up minor imperfections with a concealer. If you want to improve a black eye, draw a triangle with a concealer and gently blend it.
  • Create a natural glow on your cheeks. It is the final step in makeup tips for flawless skin.

Eye makeup should be neutral. Use brown eyeshadows, choose the darkest brown for the crease, and the lightest shade for the inner corners and the area under the eyebrow. It is important to blend the shadows well to get a smoky look.

Want some makeup tips on how to make eyes look bigger? Add volume to your lashes. Draw a thin line with dark eyeliner along the lash line.

Create a dramatic look. Paint your eyelashes with mascara, which tends to add volume and lengthen.

Don’t paint your lips brightly. After all, bright lipstick was not created for a first date. You can use a clear lip balm or a color that matches your natural lip color as much as possible.

Romantic Makeup Tips

Focus on your strengths. It can be flawless skin, eyes, eyebrow lines, beautiful lips… But you have to choose one thing!

Try to Use Natural Shades

So you will achieve flawless natural makeup, and your best online dating sites match will not take his eyes off your beauty.

Do Not Use Bright Lipstick

Otherwise, you may feel uncomfortable, and he will notice it. Create the effect of wet lips with gloss, so they will appear even more sensual.

Makeup Should Reflect Your Inner State

If you are in a romantic mood, you should emphasize the natural beauty with peach shades of blush, apply lip gloss and lightly tint the eyelashes with mascara. But if you feel like a fatal seductress, focus on your eyes: use shadows in deep shades and voluminous mascara.

Make Your Eyes Shine

Another part of beautiful makeup tips and tricks is in the shine of the eyes. It consists of the correct combination of the pupils’ shade and the color of the shadows. For example, a small golden or bronze line on the upper eyelid will illuminate green eyes. Blue eyes will be more expressive with creamy, pink, and silver eyeshadows.


Remember that makeup should be in harmony with your outfit, hide flaws and emphasize your beauty. It is better not to experiment with new beauty trends before the first date. Otherwise, it may cause discomfort for you and your boyfriend. Remember that men like your natural beauty, but not shocking makeup.

What are your favorite makeup tips? Please share the list of your do’s and don’ts for the first date.

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