Miranda Kerr Reveals Her Beauty Tips

Miranda Kerr

For Miranda Kerr there is only one option: she has to look good all the time. So, she takes good care of her body, especially because she is an official model for Victoria’s Secret. And, a little gossip… she recently married Orlando Bloom.

Miranda Kerr reveals her beauty secrets and teaches us what to do in order to be sexy and hip.

1.    Subtle Tan

Miranda doesn’t exaggerate when it comes to sun exposing, but she uses a self tanning product so her skin will glow just like sun kissed. In this manner she avoids the orange color solar tanning gives you or the ugly red cheeks we have after sun bathing. Her product: Beach Sexy by Victoria’s Secret beauty, for 12$.

2.    Get Enough Sleep

Because Miranda’s face has to be perfect, just like her body, she sleeps a lot. As we all know, insufficient sleep causes wrinkles, dark circles under your eyes and the “fatigue look”.

3.    Use Lip Gloss

Her choice: Beauty Rush from Victoria’s Secret, in the Lemon twist shade. You can choose between the enormous amount of lip glosses on the market, for instance, you can go for fruity scents or mint and pepper for a cooling sensation. Be careful with the shade, you have to follow her advice and use a color that emphasizes your features.

4.    Drink a Lot of Water

Miranda considers the fact that she drinks a lot (I mean a lot!) of water daily, a secret key in her diets. She is also conscious about dehydration risks and she can’t afford the risk.

5.    No Cellulite – Get Rid of Cellulite

Miranda uses Kora Noni Glow Body Oil, an anti-cellulite product that helps the skin to become silkier and softer. You could also try some cosmetic products with lifting effects for your décolletage.

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  1. sceptic says:

    I highly doubt that she really uses these VS’ cosmetic products packed with chemicals, since she is well known only to use organic products…

  2. adam says:

    She is so awesome<3

  3. Shikarni says:

    wow its great that shes taken the time to reveal a few bodily secrets, thanks Miranda xx

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