Eyebrows are very important for your figure and offer expressiveness to our face. A harmonious eyebrow form will make you feel more confident...
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Eyebrows are very important for your figure and offer expressivity to our face. A harmonious eyebrow form will make you feel more confident, because your look will be brighter and your face will glow naturally.

After doing some research I recommend you to visit a beauty salon, every 3 weeks, and consult a cosmetician for giving you the perfect eyebrow shape. Afterwards, all you have to do is maintain their shape using small tweezers.

Even the eyebrows have their specific fashion.

If a few years ago the trends was in wearing thin eyebrows, very thin and in the same shade of your hair, eyebrows are thicker now, draw attention to your eyes, putting them in evidence. Even if you’re blonde darker eyebrows are very appropriate and in vogue. The 2010 trend is wearing thick eyebrows, natural and slightly arched towards the end.
If you have a little girly face then you will look good with the right eyebrows, not to thick or thin! If you have an athletic physiognomy, a prominent jaw then wear thick eyebrows.

You can tweeze the rebel hair by your own. Pay attention to the threads between the eyebrows, from the nose up, is better not to exaggerate with tweezing in this area because you risk that your eyes look smaller and your face looks bigger. Remember, eyebrows should follow the same line as the eyes just to be slightly longer than these!

Tips: do not tweeze the upper side of the eyebrow, often, the hair won’t grow back!

It is better to use wax on the bottom of your eyebrows for complete removal of fine and rebel hair, but be very carefully because you risk you run out of eyebrows! After tweezing do not go out immediately because the pores are still open and you also have the “reddish” zone for 15 to 20 minutes! If you made a mistake when using tweezers, use an eye pencil to fix it up until the hair will grow back!


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