How to Obtain Volume for Your Hairstyle

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If you want a very visible and impressive change there are some tricks that a stylist can do with your hair, starting with the chemical procedures and textures to the application of hair extensions. Here are some quick tips about how to get a volume hairstyle in no time.

Tone by Tone Stripes

Coloring your hair in tresses, is a simple way to add instant impression of volume. First, darker or lighter stripes offer an optical illusion of more depth for your hairstyle and hair dye thickens the hair texture, which is a good thing in this particular situation.

Volume Hairstyles Through Permanent Treatment

This is one of the most blamed and not recommended procedures and, though recently it began slowly to regain territory, mostly because of the new technology and products used. Now it is not so dangerous to follow this permanent treatment because the improvement brought to technologies and products won’t harm your hair, but, even more, will protect it.

Discuss with your stylist before and take a good look to the situation, with advantages and disadvantages, before taking action..

Hair With Volume Through Extensions

Extensions exist on the market long enough, but unfortunately the girls who most need it benefit them the least, because this surplus is actually catching on the existing hair near the root. So, there is a paradox problem. If you want to have some more hair… you need to have a lot of hair of your own.

This particular technique can cause damage to the hair and is quite painful.

If however you decide on this method, you should know that the extensions need special care, making them difficult to maintain.

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