Hair Extensions: Which Method to Choose for Yourself?

Do you dream of beautiful, long hair? Do you have no patience for growing it? Fortunately, today’s hairdressing techniques give us the opportunity to achieve your dream long hairstyle without tedious waiting for your hair to grow. There are many ways to extend your hair. What method will be the best for you? What is each of them? What is the price of hair extensions? Read it and find out.

Hair Extensions – What Is It?

What is hair extensions and hair thickening? It is nothing more than attaching artificial strands to hair, chosen in such a way that they do not differ from natural ones. In this way you can extend your hair (60cm maximum) and thicken it, which is a shortcut to achieve your dream hairstyle. What is the best method of hair extensions? It is hard to answer this question because there are many ways and each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. We have checked what are the pros and cons of the most popular hair extension methods

Keratin Hair Extensions

This is the so-called warm hair extensions using keratin welds. Like keratin straightening, this method of hair extensions also uses a natural hair building block – keratin. Artificial strands are attached with a special device that acts on them at high temperature. It can be either a welder or a special gun with keratin inserts. The advantage of this method is its durability – the effect lasts about 3 to 4 months. Minuses? After this time the treatment has to be repeated, because the weld spots, which decrease with hair growth, will be noticeable.

Sandwich Method of Hair Extensions

Called the sandwich hairtalk method is a very quick and easy way to attach hair. It consists in sticking strips to thin silicone strips, which are then glued to a separate part of hair at the root. The transparent strips are not visible, so the effect is natural. This way is also good if our goal is to thicken the hair. However, we do not recommend it to women who prefer sleek hairstyles – the strips may disturb them. Another disadvantage: the effect is not very lasting – 3-6 weeks.

Hair Extensions – the Most Important Hairdressing Methods 

 There are many methods of hair extensions, for example nano hair extensions.

Price of Hair Extensions and Other Dilemmas

If you already know which method of hair extensions will be the best for you, it is up to you to find a hairdresser who has this service in his offer. What is the price of hair extensions? It depends on the method and place where you want to do the treatment. If it is a prestigious salon and one of the more expensive methods, the cost of hair extensions can reach even several thousand zlotys. However, do not be discouraged and review the offers of hairdressers as the prices may vary greatly.

The price of hair extensions is not the only thing to consider before you decide on them. For many of us it is important to see that your hair has been extended. This also depends on the method. If you use the clip-on/off, tape or sandwich method, you have to reckon with the fact that the joining points may be visible, especially if the hair is not undone. A maximum natural effect is given by injection, laser, reticular method or ultrasound. In short, the level of naturalness increases with the price.

If you are wondering whether hair extensions are safe, the answer is not clear either. A lot depends on the method and on the execution and subsequent pulling of the artificial strands. If you give yourself to a professional, you should do it professionally and minimize the damage to your hair. However, in general terms, attaching hair is certainly not a good thing when it comes to hair health. Additional strands weigh down the bulbs and speed up hair loss. Therefore, before you decide on a treatment, consider whether it is better to spend some time and patience on achieving long hair in a natural way. Read our short guide on how to grow your hair quickly and you will find out what you can do to speed up hair growth.

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