What Happens to Your Face When You Sleep With Makeup On?

If it gets to be a habit to go to bed without clearing your face of makeup, you face several risks for your skin, which can trigger serious problems later on. Solving them would take longer and cost you much more than preventing them.

This Is What Happens at the Surface of Your Skin When You Sleep With Makeup On

All dermatologists agree that one of the worst things that can happen to your skin is to go to sleep without getting rid of the makeup. Sleep is crucial for cellular restructuring, and this process can not take place in the presence of impurities that you need to remove. They conflict with the repair of the epidermis.

Skin is our largest organ and often we neglect it. During sleep, the oils that the body produces absorb some of the impurities on the surface of the skin. When you fall asleep with makeup, sebum secretion, dead cells, makeup remnants can block the pores overnight, allowing bacteria to facilitate the onset of acne, aggravate rosacea and affect the appearance and consistency of the skin.

Overnight, skin develops regenerative processes and ensures optimal hydration for the skin to shine the next day. Loading the skin surface with make-up remnants and impurities accumulated during the day dries the skin and destroys the natural balance of the epidermis.

In addition to acne and dry skin, you may experience white dots that you can not easily be removed.

The skin also accumulates pollution that stays throughout your day on your pores, which is very important to be removed with the cleanser.

Suspensions on the surface of face skin also prevent cellular regeneration that prevents the appearance of wrinkles. If you sleep with daytime makeup, you virtually accelerate the skin wrinkling, which is an irreversible process.

Makeup products are made up of chemical components that, when they spend too much time on your skin, may promote dermatitis, irritation, or allergic reactions.

If you are lazy or forgetful, make sure you have at all times the cleansing napkins with you all over where you go. The use of thermal water is also of great help in rebalancing the natural consistency of the skin.

So, Don’t Sleep With Your Makeup On!

Your skin will be there with you all your life as a promoter of your age, so the stake is important enough not to neglect the makeup removal and rehydration of the skin before bedtime.

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