8 Steps to a Perfect Morning Routine

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Between wiping noses, shopping for the third pair of new shoes this month, and running kids to and from activities—have you taken any time for you? It’s important to have a good morning routine so you can give yourself some TLC. You can’t be at your best unless you take care of yourself too. So, here are eight steps to a morning routine that will have you feeling great!

Stick to Your Alarm

Don’t keep pressing snooze! Get up right when your alarm goes off. Ideally, it’s good to get up a little before your kids so you can make sure you’ve had some ”me time” before your kids wake up.

Have a Great Skincare Routine

Wash your face as soon as you get up! It’s super refreshing and how you can keep your skin looking and feeling young. Make sure you’ve selected a face cleanser that works well for your skin and don’t forget to use face serum to offer your skin protection from future damage. It’ll give you a brighter complexion and keep you looking healthy and vibrant!

Make Your Bed

There has been compelling evidence that people who make their beds are happier. It’ll help you to feel more accomplished, and it has the added bonus of making your room look more organized.


Take a quick run around your neighborhood or hop on a rower! It may sound silly, but getting in your morning exercise routine can set you up for a great day. It means that you’ll have accomplished something great for your body before your kids even wake up, and you’ll feel happier because of all the endorphins in your system.

Eat a Hearty Breakfast

Pick foods you love to eat which have added health benefits! Something hearty like oatmeal or eggs can help you start your day off right. They’ll keep you fuller longer, and will give you more energy than cereal…or that cookie you just snuck.

Make Your List for the Day

While you’re eating, take a look at your calendar and start making a list of things you need to do today. Make sure you have enough time allocated for each task and be sure to find a few minutes to give yourself a break! You need time, too. So, don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t fit everything in today. Just move those tasks to tomorrow, if you can. 

Check Emails and Social Media

This is a lot of moms’ guilty pleasure, so indulge a little before your kids wake up. Wait until you’ve been able to get through a few tasks before you dive into the social media black hole. If you do this step first, you’ll probably end up lying in bed until one of your kids wake up. This isn’t always a bad thing, simply don’t start out every morning on your phone.

Being a mom can be tough sometimes. So, be sure you give yourself some time in the mornings to make sure you get some special skin care TLC!

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