7 Makeup Tips That Make You Look Amazing in Photographs

Do you ever look at the pictures of celebrities and wonder how they manage to pull off every look so well in the pictures? Well, let me tell you it is a lot about being confident in front of the camera and much about how you apply your makeup too.
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If you are getting ready for an event in which there will be many cameras pointing at you, you better follow the makeup tips and tricks mentioned below.

So, what are you waiting for? Read through and thank me later!

Full Coverage Foundation for Your Makeup

The camera blurs out everything and therefore, a heavy coverage foundation does not appear too cakey in the pictures. Take a foundation that matches your skin tone and has heavy coverage. Apply it using a blender for a dewy finish.

Conceal and Highlight

These are the two most important steps if you want to look flawless in photos. Cover your blemishes using a concealer that matches your foundation shade. However, use a highlighting concealer that is about two shades lighter than your foundation shade for covering the under-eye area. Pat the concealer into the skin and do not swipe it for best coverage.

Contour for a Defined Face Cut

If you have chubby cheeks or broad jawline that appear too gigantic in the photos and leave you feeling like you need to lose weight, get to contour! You can change your shape and give it more definition by using contour and highlight. For instance, contour the area starting from your sideburns to the lips gently. Then, take a nice highlighter and apply it on your cheekbones for making them look lifted. If you think your forehead is too large, you can also use contour on it.

Make the Eyes Look Bigger With Highlight and White Pencil

This one is my favorite makeup step and it really does make the eyes look bigger. All you need is a white waterline pencil and some highlighting eyeshade. Apply the white pencil on the lower waterline and some dark brown shade in the outer corners of the eyes. Then, use a highlighting shadow to highlight the brow bone and the inner V of the eyes. Doing so will bring out the beauty of your eyes and make them look very attractive and prominent in the photos.

Tint the Lips With a Bold Color

Colors usually fade out in the photos and therefore, the bolder the lip shade, the more subtle and attractive it appears in the photos. Light and nude shades do not really enhance the lips and instead make you look tired and dull. Therefore, make sure you go for colors like cherry red, plum, and coral pink.

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