10 Rules for a Resistant and Meltproof Summer Makeup

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Choose a Warm and Serene Summer Makeup, Nude Type

Maybe the first and simplest rule to consider in the summer time is that makeup should be light. Precisely because of the excessive heat, the skin needs to breathe to maintain its health. If you load it with too much foundation, powder, blush and makeup it will rebel against you very soon.

Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying you should avoid any makeup in summer time, but only use less makeup, during the day.

Now, if you have to attend an important meeting and want to look perfect, or if you go to a party in the evening, follow these simple rules for a resistant makeup.

Use a Light Face Cream

It is especially important to moisturize your skin. If you really care about skin, you have to pay much attention in this process of choosing the face cream. If it has a greasy consistency, most likely you will sweat and your makeup will flow. And this rule applies even to the foundation!

Consider Primer

This is a makeup base that artists often use to increase resistance of the makeup on top of it. The primer is applied to the skin after moisturizer and before foundation – basically creates a kind of “band” between the skin and makeup, because they “stick” better.

Use primer only if you want to achieve a sophisticated evening makeup. Otherwise, during the day, it’s possible to look unnatural.

Colored Cream Instead of Foundation

The powder or even liquid foundation, but with a thicker consistency can load your face giving an undesirable look, and moreover due to high temperatures, the risk that the foundation to melt on your face is greater. Try using a cream colored BB instead of foundation – is quickly absorbed by the skin and gives you a natural look.

Apply a Resistant Light Foundation

Foundation could make your life miserable, especially during the summer, but if you still need a total coverage I have a solution: light foundation with an oily texture, containing a formula based on silicon, acting like a film between your skin and the factors which produce humidity. So, the foundation will stay for longer hours on your skin and will not be absorbed quickly by the pores, neither will melt at first sign of moisture.

Big makeup brush

Powder Increases Makeup Resistance

After you finish your makeup, apply a translucent powder with a  big brush. It absorbs sebum excess and leaves your skin less oily. Please note: shake well before applying powder brush not to load your skin too much!

Choose Makeup Eye With a Creamy Texture

I advise you to choose creamy makeup instead of the powder when you want a resistant summer makeup, because they stick better on your skin than that powder that falls from eyelids much easier. During the day, use summer makeup in natural colors (pink, champagne, beige), bot for the evening you can “close” the palette more.

Invest in a Summer Waterproof Mascara

We can not imagine summer without a waterproof mascara! Whether you do gymnastics, or go to swim, for a long day office, or for a party in the evening, your best friend is waterproof mascara. It can provide a intense color and an amazing volume to your eyelashes, giving you that perfect false eyelashes effect. Believe us, is a summer must-have!

Increase Lipstick Resistance

Before applying lipstick, it’s better to apply a little primer or even foundation. You can continue to “fill” the lips with a pencil in the same color with the lipstick and then apply lipstick. Uses a special brush for lipstick application to perfectly cover the lips and thus to grow lipstick resistance.

High Quality Cosmetics for a Perfect Summer Beauty

To get a resistant summer makeup, it is important to remember the above rules, but very important is to use good quality cosmetics!

Now that you know my ten basic rules for a great summer makeup, the last thing is have to enjoy the most of summer color, sun and your beauty. Be beautiful, feel beautiful and don’t forget that summer and makeup can enhance your self confidence giving a perfect A grade at beauty class with only ten simple rules.

If you have something to tell me, please comment below and I’ll get back to you.

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