Dangerous Ingredients in Cosmetic Products

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The inoffensive choices, like a simple deodorant, a day cream or anything like a cosmetic product can have negative effects on your health. Read below and get informed about the ingredients that harm your organism.

What Are the Dangerous Ingredients in Deodorants or Other Cosmetic Products?

  1. Parabens: (methyl-, ethyl-, propyl-, benzyl-) these products are toxic if they enter our blood, this is the reason why, if you apply to often products with these ingredients on your skin, you will observe some toxic effects on your body. Specialists warn us about two important aspects: parabens can lead to developing cancer cells and also they have negative effects on our reproductive system.
  2. Chemical compounds that contain aluminum: once entering the organism you have to know that you may not remove aluminum. A connection between the level of aluminum in our blood and Alzheimer disease has been established, but the medical studies didn’t yet reveal the connection of this disease with the cosmetic products that contain small amounts of aluminum. Though, aluminum (contained in deodorants) must be avoided as much as possible and the research made in this direction has to move on.
  3. Triclosan: is a pesticide used in deodorants industry for destroying skin bacteria, and also help reducing sweat smell. But, once it reached the blood we are not able to remove it and it tends to accumulate in the adipose tissue.
  4. Talcum: researchers proved that talcum use leads to cancer most of the time (of course if we use it daily or even more often).
  5. Silicon: produces rashes and it also leads to cancer disease, so you may want to think again if you want to use deodorants that contain this substance.

What Is 48 Hours Protection in Antiperspirants?

Antiperspirants that promise a long term protection against sweat and ugly smell contain aluminum chloride. This ingredient can create a heating sensation immediately after applying the product. If you can, it would be better to use a normal deodorant with smaller amounts of aluminum.

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