Aromatherapy – The Newest Anti-Cellulite Treatment

You tried all the possible treatments in order to lose the “orange peel” aspect of your skin, but let me tell you something! I am sure that it never crossed your mind that aromatherapy could help, did you?! Well, the newest treatment in cellulite reduction is aromatherapy. Read more about the benefits of these aromatic oils.

And, btw, for best aromatherapy results, you should use an essential oil diffuser. There are plenty you can choose from.

Lavender Essential Oil

It has been used for a long time for therapeutic meanings and cosmetic products. Thus, if you start the treatment to combat cellulite, try using soaps and creams on the basis of lavender, of course if you like its flavor. It was shown that it has beneficial effect on cellulite and water retention, making the skin more elastic.

Anise – Essential Oil

This oil is used for obtaining the well-known Greek liqueur Ouzo. You best feel its beneficial effects on the digestive system . It has diuretic properties, helping to control weight and cellulite aspect.

Chamomile Essential Oil

Known as anti-inflaming  product due to its properties, chamomile is a great enemy for cellulite. It is used in cosmetics, for making creams, lotions, soaps and in cosmetic therapy and to combat cellulite.

Orange Essential Oil

Besides the special flavor of this oil, the high content of vitamin C has an extraordinary effect on the skin and eliminates cellulite. It improves blood circulation and helps eliminate toxins, offering the skin its natural elasticity. In recent years, vitamin C made its appearance in more and more creams for skin care.

Carrot Essential Oils

This oil is obtained from the carrot seeds, not the fruit. It contains many beneficial substances, such as B vitamins, trace elements, vitamin C, etc.

Its emollient effects and is the capability of “hiding” stretch marks, are good not only for our cellulite problems. Substances contained in it “cause” dilated pores and you eliminate toxins, accelerating the process of epithelial cell multiplication, and also prevents skin aging.

Attention! Some oils may cause allergies through their concentration, so it’s ideal to dissolve in water or, if you are allergic to certain cosmetics or plant, is indicated to try it first on hand.

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