How to Maintain the Long Hair

Here are our 7 beauty tips for growing and maintaining a healthy long hair:
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Wooden brushes

Use a Wooden Hairbrush for Long Hair

A wooden brush absorbs your hair natural oils, so when you use it, it will distribute these oils evenly, conditioning the hair. It also reduce static or breakage. Using a wooden hair styling brush you will be making safe acupuncture on your scalp on the same time – and who doesn’t enjoy that?

We recommend the european brands for that, for exemple the TEK brand:

Oiling Your Hair

Is the best way to condition your hair, it hydrates it, it keeps it soft and shiny. Recommended hair oils are: argan oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil. It has to be unrefined, cold pressed and organic. You can add essential oils (rosemary oil or neem oil) to stimulate the scalp’s blood circulation.

You can oil your hair two ways:

  1. Either the entire hair – and leave it overnight, then shower it in the morning.
  2. Or oil just the tip (5 cm) every day, to keep it nourished.

By massaging your hair, get the opportunity to have a good, gentle scalp massage!

Shampoo, Conditioners and Hair Rinses

Most important thing when you buy a shampoo or conditioner is to look at the ingredients; be careful to be as much organic as it can be.

Second, use a shower filter to make sure the water doesn’t contain rubbish.

Don’t shampoo your hair every day, leave maybe 4-6 day between the hair showers. The time off will let the hair balances out with their natural oils that acts as conditioners.

To rinse your hair, go natural: use 2 spoons of apple cider vinegar, fill the cup with water and then, after the shower, pour onto the hair and leave it. It will make your hair so shiner! Tip: Do a search on the web about how great the apple cider vinegar is for your hair.

Or, take a fresh rosemary and simmer it in a pot. Then, after it cools down, use it for rinsing.

Cut Down the Heat

This one is not easy for many of us, but the heat on your hair damage it, you know that! You don’t need to stop using the straightener forever, just instead of everyday use, make it weekly use.

Side braid red hair

Damage Proof Hairstyles for Long Hair

Is very important to protect your hair with a proper hairstyle. We recommend a side braid, but it is a personal choice. Use a protective hairstyle (like a braid or a bun) even at night to avoid that messy, tangled hair in the morning.

Pay Attention to Your Eating Habits

Eat real, less processed food! Eat proteins and minerals-full aliments, use fruit shakes and vegetables.

Trim Your Hair a Little Bit

From time to time, is good to trim your split ends. It helps the long hair regrow healthier!

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