Beauty throughout the night

The perfect morning would be, with no doubt, the one in witch you would wake up without wrinkles, with no dark rings around your eyes and with a fabulous hair. Well, this is all possible if you learn how to take good care of yourself, in a practical way. Most of the time, products that are applied in the night are perfect for solving lots of problems like: hydrating and prevention of cellulite, to special care for your hair. Using this “night products” is a must, their importance should not be underestimated, especially that the environment “loads” your skin with various pollutants (and, in addition, the climacteric conditions of each season).

Your skin and the biological clock

[singlepic id=112 h=300 float=left]”For Day” and “For Night” specifications you see on cream packs are not accidental. The action way for the first category is simple and it doesn’t ask for a lot of effort. These work against environmental factors that act against your skin during the day. On the other hand, night products act when your skin is perfectly relaxed (while you sleep, your face doesn’t “move”), that is why, rest moments are ideal for regenerating and intensive hydration. The differences between the two types of creams consists in the fact that night creams have a larger amount of active ingredients, more retinol and vitamin C. Thus, the skin reconstructs the epidermal barrier by stimulating the secretion of collagen, with good effect for skin firmness. Choose thermal water based creams – because of their composition rich in minerals and microelements, they have a calming action.

Remodeling during the night

Of course, it is comforting to know that you have products that are applied before bedtime, are ready to act specifically in areas with problems. You have to know that there are also some disadvantages: the horizontal position during sleep restrict fluid circulation and facilitates the retention of water. That’s why your skin needs a treatment to stop this process (body remodeling is a choice and more and more women see this as the only option)

Try products that have active ingredients such as caffeine, salts, or ruckus.

Hair: Beauty Source

Your tresses require an intensive care 24 hours from 24, to maintain its vitality. This is the explanation: factors as humidity, sun, and pollution have an aggressive action on the hair, which leads to lose essential elements that offer shine everyday. It is therefore recommended to use products for intensive repair and nutrition, which penetrate deep in the thread and feed hair throughout the night.

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