Tips for Skin Care in Autumn

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Hi dear reader. We wrote this article about how to take care of your skin in the autumn time, so that your skin will be glowing until the winter holidays! Even though the summer holiday is over, you must maintain the beautiful aspect of your skin.

Autumn is the best season for beginning cosmetic treatments, you can look at this thing as your personal goal, or you can do it for correction of any deficiencies but also to face the cold season.

Skin Care Tips:

1. To maintain the shade that your skin gained on holiday, you can use tanning products or UV lamps, in all the solarium saloons, of course, if the skin hasn’t suffered from sun burns, wind or sea water.

2. Under the makeup you need to  apply a moisturizer and for make-up removal you should  also use moisturizing milk, then apply a toner (no alcohol) and an anti-wrinkle night cream.

3. If the skin has been damaged, it is recommended to follow a cosmetic treatment, which, if appropriate, will use sticking or peeling. In this way, your skin will appear brighter and healthier.

4. After you returned from holiday, day makeup has to be discreet. In this way you can emphasize your long-term tan. We should use a very fluid moisturizing foundation. As far as possible you should avoid powder, and on the lips apply a hydrating lipstick.

5. Your hair might be hurt, damaged, and together with your organism, it needs to adapt to these new cold-weather conditions. For this it is recommended a daily shower and massage, gym classes to activate blood circulation and for hair a vitamin oil bath.

6. A diet based on  grapes and apples (see the article about apples – health benefit)  will help the body  get invigorated and healthy. Grapes can be used to make your own, natural cosmetic masks, and these are indicated for dehydrated, dry skin. Also, you can make a  soft paste from grape juice and corn starch, add a few drops of lemon juice, and use this mixture on the entire face skin, to clean the spotted skin.

7. Early in the morning, after using the normal cleansing milk, we can squeeze on the our face, eyelids and neck, 2 or 3 grapes and massage the skin. Grapes offer a comforting effect and reinvigorate the skin.

8. Autumn is the season of transition, particularly because of these temperature changes, and this is one fact that imposes protective measures to keep your skin smooth and supple, this is why we recommend hydrating body lotions and special lip-balms.

9. If skin is spotted or speckled, autumn is the season when making a treatment to alleviate these shortcomings. In this purpose, as applicable, we advise you to use lotions and creams containing hydroquinone, or creams based on bismuth and mercury salts.

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