Paraffin and Clay – Cellulite Worst Dream

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My dear reader, as I am sure you already know… or observe, the winter holidays brought us not only gifts and happiness but also some miserable extra pounds… and because I already wrote an article about how to lose kilos after holidays, today I will offer you a tip about a great anti-cellulite treatment.

One of the most effective treatment against cellulite is packing in the mixture made of paraffin and clay. The name of this compound may sound a little strange and sophisticated but the combination is a real miracle for our sexy body.

Procedure starts with a peeling, this has the role to open pores and remove dead cells from the surface. Apply a special serum for remodeling the body, after which use the mixture, covering the areas with problems. The area is wrapped in the osmotic film and thermo sauna is used for 60 minutes. After this period, after removal of osmotic film, apply an anti-cellulite cream and massage your skin with power.
There are needed about 12 sessions for results to be visible, but it is worth the effort because your skin will become more firm, softer, cleaner, and elastic, cellulite will disappear, stretch marks will diminish.

Unfortunately not everyone can use this type of treatment. It is completely prohibited for persons with heart problems, with broken blood vessels, with metal rods, with spasmophilia, epilepsy, cancer, genetic diseases or pregnant women.

For all these persons we recommend the anti-cellulite creams, and, as I wrote in several articles before, we already have a great list of great anti-cellulite creams that really work. So, check it out, and, if you are a lucky person, start the paraffin and clay treatment right away and let me know about the results 😉

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