The Beauty Tips You Need to Have Forever Younger Hands & Feet

Very visible signs of ageing occur on our hands. Even just from looking at someone's hands, we can estimate their age pretty well. Another part of our body that can reveal our age is our feet.
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As we age, our skin becomes drier. So, if you have really dry feet, it’s likely due to your age. Good news is that with proper tips on how to keep your feet well-moisturized, you can reverse the damage. If we want to continue looking young, taking care of our hands and feet is essential. There are some tips that you really need if you’re going to have forever young hands and feet. Some of them can be applied to both, but some of them are specifically for one of them.

#1: Pay Attention to Age Spots

These age spots, or liver spots as some people call them, are not caused by old age or by liver issues. In fact, they appear when you’re exposed to the sun for long periods of time without the protecting cream. If you want to prevent them, you should wear sunscreen on your hands as well as everywhere else. Of course, you don’t have to wear it all the time, but it’s really important that you when you know you’ll be spending a lot of time outside. If you noticed that you already have these spots, you could treat them with skin bleaching creams. Ingredients you should look for are glycolic acid, liquorice and vitamin C. Your last resort can be laser and light therapies, which are very effective.

#2: Soak Your Feet Often

This is a good old tip that you need to know. It’s the easiest way of keeping your feet forever youthful. We all have to wear not-so-comfortable footwear from time to time, whether it’s for a job or some event. This can cause our feet to look drained and looking old. The best way to repair your feet and make them look and feel youthful again after a long day is to soak them. Bath salts and bath oils are a great option because you choose the ones that fit your preferences the most. You can find a perfect one for any kind of a problem you might have, whether that’s your feet looking soggy or dull and dehydrated. There’s also a cheaper version of foot care: milk foot soak. Soak your feet in half water half milk solution. Here, the active ingredient is lactic acid, which will make your skin loose and free of dead skins. You can then easily exfoliate it with the good old foot exfoliator.

#3: Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!

Whenever you hear “skincare for youthful skin”, your first association should be keeping the skin hydrated. The secret to the forever young skin is constant hydration. This is especially true for hands and for feet. You might not even know how sensitive these areas are. These are parts of our body that are always exposed to outside harm. Hands are unprotected and vulnerable to bacteria and weather conditions. Our feet face other issues; most of the time they’re stuck in our, often uncomfortable footwear. Because of that, they become increasingly more dry and fragile. That’s where creams and balsams come into play. Search for cosmetics with natural ingredients, but those which also contain vitamin E, shea butter, SPF, and glycerin. Vitamin E is the number one ingredient in anti-ageing creams, so it will ensure that you have forever young hands and feet. Shea butter makes a substantial barrier between the skin and the harmless chemicals from the outside. SPF is a must-have ingredient for hands products because of its ability to protect the very thin and sensitive hand’s skin from the UV rays. In the end, glycerin is there to seal the deal; it makes sure that all of the other ingredients in a product are absorbed to the skin.

#4: A Perfect Youthful-Looking Nail Shape: Coffin Nails

No other nail shape can make your hands and feet look more youthful than coffin nail shape. Some women also call this shape “ballerina shape”. Here, nails are tapered shaped and have a flat end. This nail shape creates an illusion of longer fingers and toes, which makes them look younger. The shape looks really playful, yet you can pull it off even if your style is formal. It will simply add to the playfulness of your style. This is a nail shape with which you can experiment a lot, just like we all do when we’re younger. You can find lots of creative coffin nails ideas here: (Source)

Whether it’s your hands or your feet, making sure to protect their youthful appearance is a must. Who wants to see dry and damaged skin on these areas that make you look older? Nobody, of course! That’s why you need to have these tips and actually try them out. Besides, they can be easily incorporated into your everyday skincare.

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