5 tricks stars use for losing weight

Stars teach us the shortest way we can get a beautiful body like theirs. Halle Berry with her five "small" meals, and a fitness trainer, give us the recipe for a great tonus.
Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

Stars teach us the shortest way we can get a beautiful body like theirs. Halle Berry with her five “small” meals, and a fitness trainer, give us the recipe for a great tonus.

1. Serious detoxification

Now it’s summer, we have all the green vegetables  and it would be a shame not to take advantage of them. This is the proper time to have a 3-day detox cure. The basic principles are: give up pasta, milk, caffeine, alcohol, salt, and sugar, just eat healthy. Only fruits and vegetables, seeds (linseed, pumpkin seeds), almonds, nuts and drink lots of water and tea. Your skin will become healthier; refreshing your organism will return it to life, functioning better.

2. Michael Alexander – fitness trainer – “morning cardio!”

One of the most well known fitness trainers from USA, owner of Fitness Halls in Beverly Hills, recommend cardio exercises in the morning and lifting weights at night. This combination brings good mood and it helps you consume calories all day long without too much effort. Basically, you start the metabolism engine since the morning light!

3. From J. Lo. We have the following advice: maintain a balanced diet!

She looks fabulous and it seems she never gets fat. She claims that she eats almost anything, with moderation, there is no kind of food she wouldn’t try, even for a guilty pleasure, and she says that she is not obsessed with healthy eating. Her idea is perfect: supply your organism with needed nutrients, and it won’t feel hunger, so you can do any sport you like and your body will actually help you in losing weight.

4. 5 meals a day!

Halle Berry claims that the secret of her beautiful sculpted body is that she eats 5 times per day, not 3 times as some nutritionist recommend. Why? If you eat 5 times a day in small quantities, the level of sugar in the body will be at a constant level and thus, your appetite will not be disturbed. You will not feel hunger. Basically, if you get hungry, your body will retain food, fearing of the next period in which you will not feed him. So, Halle Berry fools the stomach feeding it more often!

5. Eat salmon with lemon 2 times per week

Addition of fatty acids and Omega 3 in salmon is extremely important if you want to keep a “mermaid figure.” Besides this great benefit, fatty acids and Omega 3 offers you a large dose of optimism and a healthy heart. The main sources are: fish, salmon or tuna, the sesame seeds and forest hazelnuts. Eat fish with lemon, because citrus acid helps depositing iron for your organism.

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