6 Ways to Burn 100 Calories With: Shopping

Shopping involves a lot of walking and standing around which helps burn calories. But you can easily turn retail therapy into a real workout. Fitness workout. So, learn from this fitness tips article how to lose 100 calories…doing shopping.

1. Walk From Shop to Shop for 20 Minutes

Well, you probably do this anyway…:). But, sometimes we are obsessed with the idea of buying everything from under one roof to save the effort of going to another shop. But that effort can be turned into a real benefit of burning more calories, so get moving!

2. Try on Clothes for 15 Minutes

The more you try on, the better. All that twisting and turning and climbing in and out, all amounts to more calories (lost!)

3. Shopping Power Walk for 15 Minutes

Yes, really, organized power walks (faster walks, pushing your heels into the grounds with more power) around all levels of a shopping mall, including the stairs. You go when it’s quieter ad you get to window shop in the same time.

4. Take the Stairs for 9 Minutes

This is the best everyday trip. We all know what it feels to climb stairs and all that huffing and puffing means that your body is overdrive! Great! The more the better

5. Carry Shopping Bags for 18 Minutes

When you add more weight to your body, you increase the rate of calorie burning.  Make sure you hold two bags of fairly equal weight on each hand to even up the stress from the joints or put all your shopping in a rucksack on your back.

6. Queue Tummy Pull-Ins for 50 Minutes

Well, it might not be such a great calorie burner exercise, but it has an awesome effect on your belly. When you are standing in a queue at shopping, take a deep breath in and, as you slowly breathe out, pull your navel in close to your spine and hold for 10 seconds breathing normally. You will have a flat tummy in no time!

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