Fitness Exercises for Spring

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And as summer approaches and everyone wants to look perfect, why not start now a simple program of exercises, for about 15 or 20 minutes each day. Here would be most appropriate types of exercises you could practice at home.

Arms Exercises

Ideally you should buy a set of dumbbells and practice for a few minutes every day. Even if the results will not show immediately, be patient and you will see that if you begin now and continue until summer, then surely the results will be visible! The secret is perseverance!

Fitness Exercises for a Slender Abdomen

Lay on the floor with your legs elevated at 90 degrees, and then try to grab your legs with your hands. Hold for 5 seconds and then repeat. You have to practice this kind of exercises for 20 minutes at least, I recommend you series of 8 lifts with 30 seconds break between them.

Aerobics for Butt and Thighs

Exercise 1

Resting on your forearms, raise your leg until vertical position and lower it back to its place.
Repetition: 10 times on each side.

Exercise 2

Use weights on each foot and sit on a chair with back support. Execute rise and fall movements of the foot. Perform the same movements with the other foot or both simultaneously. This exercise will not only tone your legs and thigh muscles, but will work your abdominal muscles. Increase the number of exercises daily.

Yoga Exercises

They say that yoga is beneficial for both body and mind. Etymologically speaking, yoga is about the union of body and mind. So if you decide practice this “sport”, get a manual and practice daily, in your own room with the window wide open. Success!

Short Tip:

Before working out reserve a couple of minutes for a short warm up. You can rotate your arms back and forth, jump around the room (be honest, it can be really fun, and nobody sees you!) or genuflexions, and in this you won’t have inconveniences caused by carcasses or muscle pain.

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