What Is Ab Crack – The New (Dangerous) Fitness Trend

"Ab cracks" are the new Instagram fitness trend and is insane, but the majority of fitness specialists thinks it's dangerous.
Emily Ratajkowski ab crack

I suppose it all started with this Instagram of Emily Ratajkowski ab crack:

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Do you notice the line going down the torso, from the ribs? That’s the “crack”, the fitness and beauty trend that follows the “thigh gap”, the “bikini bridge” (google those, for more info).

Well, the thing is that this fitness trend comes with an insanely amount of effort, regulated program and very strict diet. American gastroenterologist Nitin Kumar says gaining an ab-crack may not even be possible.

“To have visibly defined abs, you need to be below a body fat percentage of about six percent. This is a step beyond that—requiring low body fat level, muscular abdominal muscles, and a dash of particular genes that you may or may not have hiding in your DNA. Working out a ton is a minimum, but no guarantee.”

Fitness Experts Says the Ab-Crack Isn’t Worth Striving for and Is More a Result of Genetics

Fitness experts also believe gaining a pronounced ab-crack isn’t just about how fit you are. Ben Hart, co-founder of the fitness live streaming website Qinetic, says:

“That line is a result of your genetics in combination of just generally a lower body fat percentage. The amount you work out has no correlation with getting an indented line down your stomach. I know plenty of women who work their asses off, look amazing, and will never see that line.”

Social Media Trends Are All About Promoting Body Shaming

Christine Morgan, Butterfly Foundation CEO, says these trends usually result in people feeling bad about themselves.

“Viral social media trends such as this further promote body shaming and send out negative messages about body image. Those who are unable to achieve the trend may feel like they don’t measure up to the cultural ideals of beauty and body shape and can experience intense body dissatisfaction which is damaging to their psychological and physical wellbeing.”

We all know that social media is all but a reality distorting device and it does a great job on body shaming. The reality is that you should try to have a healthy lifestyle, without fighting against the nature and yourself. Eat well and balanced, exercise on a regular basis and have a positive view over live and your choices. And ab cracks are not the best choices to follow, trust me. Actually, the constant pursue for an Instagram body could have psychological effects and you should talk to somebody. Specialist counsellors like the ones from BetterHelp could help you.

If you think that ab cracks are a health thinks, I’m waiting your comments and suggestions!

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