Diary of your healthy diet

No, we will not talk about the macrobiotic diet, or the “original” diet of cabbage soup. From now on fruits and vegetables are your main allies.

Fruits and vegetables give you energy for the whole day, and will improve the quality of skin and will adjust your metabolism. In addition, the World Health Organization found that people consuming about 5 portions of fruits and vegetables per day, have much less chances to hard attack or even cancer. Concerning these findings, a person should consume 400 grams of fruit and vegetables per day, divided into equal portions.

Respect our suggestions and you’ll be healthier and more radiant!
Food required in the 5 portions diet: a banana, two broccoli wisp, three dried apricots, four spoons with huckleberry, five cherry tomatoes.

What is a portion?

150 ml of fresh fruit – is the recommended amount. Crushed fruits lose their fiber. Drink fresh juice and the result will be the one you want.

[singlepic id=208 h=150 float=left]80 grams of beans – a larger amount is unnecessary, because beans contain fewer vitamins than other plants.

80 grams of vegetables – fresh, frozen, or preserved, all matter in the total balance.

80 grams of fruit – vegetables may also be, in any form.
One is the equivalent of a hand full of fruit.

80 grams of lettuce – one portion of a cereal bowl size is enough.

Arrangements for 5 days full


[singlepic id=207 h=170 float=right]Breakfast: a bowl with cereals (unsweetened) and milk, a kiwi (a half portion).
Lunch: A hard-boiled egg and a garnish of vegetables: a little celery (one portion), half a yellow pepper (a portion), three spoons full of scraped carrot (a portion), over which pour a mixture prepared from a teaspoon of olive oil, garlic, lemon.
Dinner: chicken breast, boiled rice, two broccoli wisp (a portion) and the three full spoons of green beans.
Snack: a boiled corn (a portion)
TOTAL: six portions and half


Breakfast: A slice of bread, a simple scrambled eggs (pan-fried in Teflon without oil), a pear (a portion).
Lunch: a choice soup, a salad of cucumber (a portion), a handful of pea, a spoon full of corn grains one portion of tofu.
Dinner: grilled fish, baked potato, and side dish of green beans (a portion).
Snack: an apple (one portion) and a cube of cheese.
TOTAL: six portions


[singlepic id=204 h=150 float=left]Breakfast: a banana (a portion), cereals, and a spoon with linseed.
Lunch: a tuna sandwich and side dish of vegetables: tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, celery, and carrot (one portion).
If you want a salad dressing, mix one spoon of oil of pumpkin seeds with a little vinegar.
Dinner: turkey with black dried beans and a small onion (one portion) and three full spoons of the grilled vegetables: pumpkin, carrots, broccoli (one portion).
Snack: three dried apricot (a portion) and six forest peanuts.
TOTAL: five portions


Breakfast: a large yogurt with a handful of huckleberry (a portion), and linseed, and a grape (a portion).
Lunch: salad with goat cheese, grilled leek, six mushrooms, and spinach leaves (three portions).
Dinner: salmon with whole pasta, a handful of bean pods (a portion) and a fresh orange (a portion).
Snack: a slice of whole bread spread with humus
TOTAL: six portions


Breakfast: a slice of fat-less ham , three spoons of baked beans (a portion) and five red cherry (a portion).
[singlepic id=203 h=170 float=left]Lunch: tuna sandwich with bread, a kiwi fruit (half portion) and an apple (one portion).
Dinner: a hamburger home made. Brown a slice of beef in olive oil and spread light mayonnaise in a half baguette. Make a sandwich of these products and add vegetables (carrot, cucumber, onion, and tomato) – three tablespoons of this mixture = one portion
Snack: eight raw forest peanuts, an apple, or a large pear (one portion).
TOTAL: five portions and half

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