Glute Ham Developer Machine – Do You Need One?

The Glute ham developer machine is one of the toughest nuts to crack in the world of gym equipment. As time goes by, however, one starts getting used to it. Slowly it becomes easier to workout using the machine.
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The quest to stay fit is a never-ending journey for many. Despite hitting numerous ideal targets, I always find myself wanting more. I look forward to conquering new challenges. And as soon as I am done with that challenge, I am on to the next one.

If you are that person who rarely has time to go to the gym but would like to remain fit, a Glute ham developer machine is an excellent home gym equipment.

There’s not enough information out there to explain exactly what a Glute ham developer machine does, why you need it and what you stand to gain by incorporating this machine into your exercise routine. And for that reason, here is a detailed read about this unique equipment;

Also known as the GHD, the Glute ham developer machine is one of the simplest yet most effective workout machines. Many assume that the GHD is only meant for back extension exercises and sit-ups, however, there are a number of other ways you can use this machine. 

For athletes, this is the number one choice to perform GHD raise exercises. The main aim here is to help develop and strengthen their glutes and hamstrings hence the title ‘Glute ham developer machine’. Not to mean that sit-ups and back extensions aren’t important exercises as well. In fact, if you want to increase your back, and core strength, the GHD machine is going to help you get the job done quickly and effectively.


The Advantages of Using GHD Machine

Encourages Development of Muscles

If you want to develop your squats and deadlifts, this machine will leave you in awe. The GHD machine targets just the right muscles located near your calves, glutes, and hamstrings. This, in turn, gives you enough power to lift much heavier weights than you normally would without it.

Enhances Your Perseverance Levels

If you want to take weightlifting to another level, the GHD machine is your best bet. It is no wonder that sprinters, jumpers, and professional runners prefer this machine. 

Helps Prevent Injuries

Often, soccer players, sprinters, weightlifters, among other professionals end up injuring themselves during competitions and games. This happens in many cases as a result of placing too much strain on specific areas of the body. Such areas include the back, the hamstring, muscles and so on. 

The GHD machine helps to toughen these injury prone areas. By enhancing your muscle strength, muscle mass, glutes, hamstrings, and back strength, one is ultimately strong enough to counter disruptive force. Too much force, impact or a heavy load on a weak body is what in normal cases leads to injury.

Spares Your Spine

Many fitness and exercise machines place a lot of tension on the spine. This often leads to injury and body aches. In worse cases, it may lead to temporary or permanent paralysis as the spine is a very delicate part of the body. The good thing about using the GHD machine is that it helps spare the spine from experiencing too much stress. This machine works effectively to distribute stress on the right targeted areas. This as opposed to having all the stress on the spine while doing your back extension exercises.

It Is Just the Right Size

It doesn’t take up too much space. Whether you decide to place it in your garage, your basement or in one corner of your living room. 

The Disadvantages of Using GHD Machine

Additional Accessories

Many Glute ham developer machines are sold as a single piece. To ensure that you reap all the benefits of having this machine, you may have to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase a rack or rig which are sold separately.

You Risk Injury

If you are using the GHD machine for the first time, you may need help from an experienced person. This serves to help keep you in the correct position when doing your sit-ups for instance. You risk injuring yourself seriously if you choose to go ahead and exercise in the wrong position albeit unknowingly.


From the above information, I am sure it is now crystal clear why you urgently need the Glute ham developer machine as part of your home gym equipment collection. Note that if you experience too much strain especially on your lower back while using this machine then take a break. If this is the case for you, it is advisable to first use other simpler machines and work your way up to the GHD machine.

This way you’ll be strong enough to use the machine without experiencing excess strain and putting yourself at risk. Aside from that the GHD machine is by my experience the fastest and most effective method of improving back and core strength.

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