The 6 Surefire Signs and Symptoms of Ketosis

The ketogenic diet has gained a ton of popularity in such a short span of time, known for its excellent fat-burning abilities and useful results.

This extremely low-carb diet has you reach a state of ketosis, a metabolic state that raises levels of ketone bodies in your stomach and burns fat instead. The metabolic state is what helps you begin burning stored fat and have you lose inches and pounds! But how will you know if you have reached this state? There are quite a few signs and symptoms of ketosis one may experience which can help them see if they are on the right track!

Wondering what they are? Learn all about what you might experience during the keto diet and how you’ll know if you reached the state of ketosis!

Signs and Symptoms of Ketosis

Depending on your body and carb intake, it can take between two to thirty days to reach ketosis. This is because your body will only be able to store about a two-day supply of glucose. As long as you continue consuming less than 20 grams of carbs a day, you can reach ketosis in a matter of days.

But how will you know if you are currently experiencing this metabolic state? Here are the signs and symptoms of ketosis to take note of:

Weight Loss

This is one of the most popular and appreciated the sign of ketosis. You will experience both long and short-term weight loss, occurring within the first week of reaching ketosis. This is thanks to the fat loss and burn as your body produces ketones. Even after the considerable weight drop in the first week, you’ll continue losing weight as long as you stick with the diet!


Many people have experienced fatigue from the change of diet. After all, your body is used to carbs for energy. Once it is restricted from it, it takes time for your body to adapt to what you are consuming. Some may also experience a slight decrease in performance, may it be for sports or work. Fortunately, the fatigue and lack of production you feel is only short-term and will pass after your body is adapted to burning fat and ketones!

Upset Digestion

You may experience a drastic change in your digestive symptom and the way you pass your stool. Some have diarrhea while others experience constipation. Fortunately, this can be changed by adding more fiber to your diet, and the symptom will pass, just like fatigue.

Bad Breath

This is more commonly known as fruit loop breath, which is an almost unavoidable symptom of reaching ketosis. The reason why you have bad breath is due to having more ketones in your blood. It may be a bit embarrassing, but at least you know that the keto diet is working and you’re well on your way to burning more fat! What you can do is to have better dental health and keep gum in hand.

Little Appetite

Once you have restricted your body for carbs, you will notice that you get full quickly and have no cravings or appetite. This is thanks to the higher fat consumption, as well as your metabolic state regulating your body’s hunger hormones.


Another problem many keto dieters experiences are their quality of sleep, usually happening at the beginning of their diet. There have been many reports of insomnia or waking up late at night after they have reduced their carb intake. Fortunately, this only lasts for a few weeks, and some dieters say they sleep better once they have adapted.

Take note that you may not experience all these symptoms. Sometimes, people don’t feel anything at all! Fortunately, there are test strips you can invest in to let you know if you have reached ketosis and are currently maintaining it.

Once you have reached the state of ketosis, continue to follow the low-carb diet, taking in high-fat food and exogenous ketone supplements. This keeps your body in ketosis and as you lose more fat. Just remember that this is a short-term diet to last only for up to 12 weeks.

Wrapping It Up

I can’t lie about the keto diet and tell you it’s all fun and games with the excellent results. Unfortunately, it does have its drawbacks because of the symptoms you’ll feel once you reach ketosis. But as long as you push aside these uncomfortable signs you have reached this metabolic state, you will be able to reap the benefits it has to offer, from lowered blood sugar down to better moods!

I hope I helped you learn all about ketosis and how you know you have reached it. So if you’re planning on beginning the keto diet, make sure to acquaint yourself with these signs and symptoms of ketosis and follow these tips to stay in the metabolic state until you reach your goals.

For those who would like to ask anything or share their experiences on reaching ketosis, then please post your comments below. All your input and contribution are much appreciated!

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