6 Tips for a Gym Beginner

Beginner in the fitness gym? Here are our 6 tips:

Let’s define what a beginner means in a gym:

  • You were trained in the gym, but you did not try some more complex exercises (weights, strains, tractions).
  • You took a very long break from weight training.
  • You are tired of other types of fitness, aerobic, cardio training that did not get you good results.
  • You can not do 3 correct pushups (not those with your knees flexed).
  • You went to the gym, but you just trained with some specific sets.
  • And of course: You have not trained yourself at all with weights.

Or to summarise in one comprehensive definition: A beginner in gym training is a girl who has not learned the correct form nor has she consistently trained with some simple but basic exercises to master her body weight.

6 Tips for Beginners in the Gym:

Don’t Worry, You Will Not Get “Deformed”

Excessive body fat is what makes women look great, not the muscles they have.

If you are not the kind of girl who takes anabolic steroids, then you should not be worried about being too ‘big’.

Do Not Be Intimidated

To win your “seat” in the gym you do not have to make 10 best tractions or work at the press with a huge weight! All that matters is to step up and be confident! Let me tell you a secret: everyone started somewhere.

Learn the Correct Form of the Exercise

Performing exercises in a correct manner not only will use the muscle you aim to work on, but you will avoid any injuries. Remember that using the wrong devices or doing the wrong form of the exercise, you can get muscle complications or even hernia. Check with your doctor before going to gym!

Focus on Becoming Stronger

The best way for a beginner to stay motivated is to have enough strength to do the exercises.

Enter a Program for the Beginners in Fitness

Do not make the mistake of choosing directly an intermediary or advanced program and do not make the mistake of adapting a program designed for men.

Focus on a Few Basic Exercises and Focus on Them

It is tempting to change often and switch the exercises, but nothing brings better results to beginners than focus on 5-6 basic moves.

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