5 Ways Watermelon Improves your Diet and Health

Well, you must know that beyond its magic taste and refreshing effects, watermelon has 5 curative properties that really help you in your diet.

Five Proven Ways to Lose Weight Fast

What can be better and healthier than a big slice of watermelon in a hot summer day? Well, you must know that beyond its magic taste and refreshing effects, watermelon has 5 curative properties that really help you in your diet.
Tip: for enjoying all its curative properties of watermelon, follow a “watermelon diet” for two weeks.

1.    Dieting and detoxification

Watermelon contains 95% water. In detox cures, you are allowed to consume up to 2 kilos of watermelon, with the important recommendation: your last “meal” should be before 7 o’clock P.M.. Also, you have to know that associating watermelon with steaks, canned food or fried foods is prohibited because it can lead to indigestion. To eliminate the messy constipation, eat 2 slices of watermelon every morning and don’t eat anything else two hours afterward.

2.    Has anti-carcinogenic properties

Lycopene, the substance that offers watermelon the red color (you can get it from tomatoes too), is very efficient in preventing cancer. Also, it has a curing role, it helps recovering the damaged cells. Watermelon seeds are full of “good fats” and magnesium. Also, it contains some other nutrients that have a special effect in good eyes functioning.

3.    Maintains your silhouette

Watermelon has no cholesterol or fats, it only has 25 calories in 100 grams, so it is an ideal aliment in diets. Choose two days a week in which you will consume only watermelon and plain water. In all the other 5 days, replace one of the meals with watermelon (1 big slice). Also, remember to have a balanced diet, eating enough proteins and lipids.

4.    Washes the kidneys

Watermelon contains lots of potassium and antioxidants. Potassium is very good in cleaning  the kidneys  and the big content of antioxidants help keeping them healthier. More, watermelon reduces the uric acid quantity in your blood, lowering the risk of renal calculus and also, because of its raised content of water, stimulates the dieresis, cleaning the kidneys.

5.    Protects the heart

Watermelon has the ability to reduce blood pressure and body temperature. This is why it is recommended to consume watermelon in hot torrid days because reduces the risk of having a stroke. Lycopene helps you heart to work better, and beta-carotene maintains your heart younger and prevents the normal heart diseases that come with the passing of years.

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