Loving Your Body: 3 Ways to Embrace Your Curves

Loving your body is an easy concept in words alone. But to put those words into practice? That is another challenge altogether. Use these three ways that can help you to embrace your curves.

Shift Your Focus From the Mirror to Wellness

Instead of focusing on the numbers on the scale and the image reflecting back at you from the mirror, focus on health and feeling good. Chances are, the image staring back at you isn’t painting an accurate picture. The majority of people struggling with a healthy body image has some degree of body dysmorphia, an inability to see their body the way it is. 

Stop focusing so much on what you ‘should’ weigh or look like and start focusing on being healthy and living well. Being healthy is about more than losing weight; it is about the way being healthy can make you feel. When you are respecting yourself and living a healthy lifestyle, you will experience an increase in overall mood and energy levels. When you begin to focus on how great you actually feel when you are healthy, then you will find that becomes less about discipline and more about having an actual desire to feel great in your own skin. 

Here are some ways to begin living a healthier lifestyle:

  • Give your body food that nourishes you
  • Drink enough water throughout the day
  • Exercise daily, not just to build muscle and lose weight but to lose the stresses of everyday life as you engage your body in physical activity, even if it is just stretching. 
  • Meditate

Create a morning ritual to start your day off on the right foot and with positive intention. This could mean simply sitting with your morning brew and reading, stretching or yoga (highly recommended), listening to your favorite songs, or anything that puts you at ease and makes you feel energized and happy. 

Dress to Accentuate Those Curves

If you want to learn to embrace your curves, then stop trying to hide them with your clothes. A curvy woman wearing a well-fitted pair of jeans? Beautiful. And it’s not just jeans either- Play up your curves with long sleeve cheap maxi dresses, and wear clothes that are designed to flatter and fit them. 

Accept Your Body Type

Of the biggest lies that people make up in their minds is that there is only one body type, and if your body does not fit into this cookie-cutter form, then your body is not worth appreciating. Remember that this is not true- there are different body types, and there is no one ideal body type. Imagine being of Dutch and German descent, with an athletic build. Your legs are long and toned, and you have broad shoulders from years of training as a child in the swimming pool- this body is in proportion and healthy. Now imagine that body in a place like Italy, where all around are thin, small structured women. You just imagined the author of this article, and as you can imagine, there are often times when this beautiful and athletic body sticks head and shoulders above the crowd. There are times when this body feels terrible for being different but then does well to remember that there is no one ideal body type and remembers to love itself and appreciate its beauty once again. 

Whenever you ever find yourself in a similar situation, stop your thoughts in their tracks and take a deep breath. 

A healthy relationship with yourself starts with how you treat yourself, from the mind to the body. Watch your thoughts, speak kindly with yourself, and incorporate just enough discipline to live a healthy lifestyle. 

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