How to Be Beautiful by Eating Healthy

Skin, hair and nails are a barometer of our health. Digestion, metabolism and hormonal system are more important than what we do externally for our beauty.
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To have hair, nails and beautiful skin, minerals should not be missed from your daily diet. Calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium and zinc are found in dairy products (preferably unfermented), green leafy vegetables, fish meat and eggs. But the richest source of minerals are cereals. It’s good to introduce them to every breakfast. You can also follow some pharmaceutical treatments. There are enough variants, the best ones being the one that contains several minerals combined.

The Right Food

The best source of  vitamins are fresh vegetables, fruit juices prepared by yourself, and proteins. The most important are those coming from fresh dairy products and especially from fishmeat.

The Right Food for Your Great Hair

Every hair is attacked by a lot of external factors. This category includes the sun, which is raging summer. If to this we add an unhealthy diet, the result is disastrous: excessive falling, dull look and split ends. The appearance of dandruff indicates a lack of vitamin B6, C, zinc and fatty acids.

Food for Healthy Nails

Nails with white spots indicate a lack of zinc, and fragile ones a deficiency of calcium and protein. Pale nail is a result of lack of iron, which is an early anemia, a disease of the liver or a poor peripheral circulation.

The Right Food for a Glowing Skin

A state of anemia from a poor diet leads to pale skin or dry, absorbing much cream without the disappearing of the unpleasant sensation of poorly hydrated skin. Prevention involves two liters of water, a series of fatty acids; Olive oil and fish meat are precious foods that you need to eat daily.

What Food You Should Avoid

Foods that that gets away from their natural form, that is, pastry products, semi-prepared foods, sweetened carbonated juices and fast-food products. You should avoid excessive cooking of both fresh vegetables and frozen vegetables.

Our takeaway beauty tip: Olive oil can be used with great success as a cosmetic ingredient. It’s great to massage your nails after each bath. For hair, the olive oil gets in the castor oil composition, which you have to let on your hair for at least one hour to take effect.


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